Minggu Destini Siswa di INTEC :))

Assalamualaikum *cheered up- fiuhhh fiuhhh*

Rindu Journey sayangggggg :)) relief.relief.relief.

Basically I've end up my MDS life. After so long being homed, about seven months being home now, officially and INTEC Education College :)) doing A-level UK majoring for law *muka semangat*
le garden.

So the life is very naisss. Currently staying in Akasia Blok 4 the second floor. Awesome fast registration. *joget joget* Here, having great people surrounds, really warm and friendly, awesome PM's , great and sporting lecturers. MDS, basically life about knowing life here. Get to know directions. Adapting new life. Its kinda hectic jugak as one whole day long ada kat kolej but then ending dia buat aku terharu, the PM's woots woots. I love the MDS life. Awesome.

Aku belum habis explore life kat sini. Gonna take time for this. Yes, I will :)) I am ready for the battle. Lets let the pictures tell us more. Aku penat nak tulis. Kuikui. Actually I wrote quite a piece about the life in INTEC . Tapi malas nak meng-copy-paste.

the name tag :))

morning sessions with the PM's

the room. My bed. so cute atototo *err ==' haha*

the groupmates. The 31st group :)) sorry for the not so clear pictures.

the selandars. the gf's. the roomate :))

my dearest Pembantu Mahasiswa : Tee and Lee :))

again. The group. They're super awesome wehh :))

Muka semangat :))

le roomate in the library : Najwa Nabila.

welcome to my kediaman Akasia :D

ready enough for the next 2 years. Bismillahirahmanirahim :o


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum. Biasanya what are the minimum requirement of A’s in SPM does Mara send to US based on your information. And akak jugak dapat berapa A spm?TQ

Anis Najwa Nazari said...

Hai anonymous , waalaikumsalam , i am not really sure since the policy change almost every year and during my time , its 7A's . And alhamdulillah I considered myself lucky and rezeki Allah nak bagi , I got 7 A's last time.