When everything turns into what we wished for :')

July 15, 2012


Reminiscing memories. Back into my english lectures. We're asked to introduce ourselves based on the questions gave.

What I wish to be for a day ? It turn out to be FAIRY GOD MOTHER for me. Its nice to be the wish granter isnt it.

Where I wish to lived in for a day ? FANTASY WORLD, again a world where everything turns into what I wished and longing for.

Been through the week. The very first week. A spirit and a souls gathered. Alhamdulillah. My economics class wasn't a nightmare for me. First good impression won the situation, hope it last for the rest of my preparation years. My english class , an interesting introduction. My psychology class was also nice one for me. Islamic studies almost make my adrenalin of happiness run fast : because of the  very ferstt assignment.  Haven't met my lecturer for law. But then it awesome. College life. Enjoyable. Here is my timetable for week, *I did my very latest timetable but I forget to have a capture on it* = ='

its nice I know. Okay masuk longkang,keluar sendiri.

I wished for a meet with my GF's, Allah grant the wish where Allah re-meet me and another two girlfriends  here, Allah blessed me with the presence of Hannis Sofea during weekend. :') How I really wished more things that I wished turn to be reality. Physically seen.

but i knew not everything we wished for will be granted. Will not be granted to soon to test the sabar. Will not be granted at all as Allah know, that may be the things that we want but not things that we eventually need. I may want some miracles. Miracle of getting so slim within a night. But then if that happened, where should I apply Usaha. Doa. Tawakkal and Ikhtiar as well. See, life had been so perfect for us. I am enjoying my life. Seeing hidden hikmah. Searching for hikmah. May Allah sooth the inside.

I am facing an internal-teenage love  thingy stuff here inside the pink organ. errr is it pink. That serious = ='. Theoretically I know, its pink. Ya pink organ is a heart. Y'know, stuff like menjaga hati, arghh badly. I.Hate.The.Love.Motion. ok OFF.

Money usage had been my most-terrified problem at this particular moment *naaa its not me alone facing this, yeah I am damn serious* . I am out of money. Craved out. Memang boleh makan lauk biskut cicah vico je hari hari. Typical lauk. harhar ketawa hambar.

Somehow, I did face some homesick here.When everyone was back to hometown, I suddenly remembered. My adik facing big exams. How and how the preparation was. My baby cats that I used to feed and care them for almost eight months. Ohhh rindu rindu. MMS healed me. Ada ke patut aku suruh mak aku capture gambar kucing sebab aku rindu diaorang. Oh baby cats, me miss you laaaa :'o. Semua membesar dengan sihat dan gemuknya. Harus diletak sebagai wallpaper C3.

i miss this BABY yang garang.OmeyyOmeyyOmey *okay wajar disepuk*

By the way, next week we will meet dearest Ramadhan. Sampaikan aku dan keluarga-ku ke Ramadhan ini. The first ramadhan without my late acik. Al Fatihah acik. I am missing you acik :'(.

Deep sigh. Face turned down. Tears streamed. Badly.
Sooth the feelings O Allah.

I would like to have some sharing moments. The life. Through the pictures.

with ezzati, seseri'ans. Housemate Aqila. We're quite close :))

faktor kenapa aku letak gambar ni ialah : Both look extremely sweet.

my softboard. Aku nak letak gambar family, but then it was inside the book yang aku selalu bawak jenjalan. I spent most of my leisure time, beside studying is with : Messing up the softboard.

it a breath taking scenery taken beside of my class. It was a view from the third floor.

board rumah :)) Sempoi sempoi je :))

lone ranger tengok Upin Ipin :'))  Dont ask me how many times I watched the same episodes all over again. Pffft. 

this is always where I spend my time reading books. Chatting with gf's sambil kena surround dengan nyamuk comel. Hiuhhh. 

last last. With ain, waiting Piya at PakLi's kopitiam. Aku suka tempat ni hanya kerana Wi-fi.

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