Perceptions : ease the lawyer-to-be path.

July 23, 2012


Currently I am completely freezes by the aircond. The class changed. Currently in 10LW2. I was like promising myself last night : stop being such kiddos. Affected by small stuff like class bla bla.

I never tell ya, how the perceptions. Aaaa to be exact the very first impressions I conclude for every class I attended previously.

The route that I choose. The decisions for changing the current status as budak sains. Whole-heartedly choosing lawyer as my upcoming professions. I had my own reasons for doing this.

Let us start by knowing, what subject I am taking right now,pointer for  UCAS admission. UCAS stands for Universities and College Admissions Service (UK) . Enrolling in Economics, English IELTS, Law and additional subject : Psychology . Adding inside Islamic Studies.

Both economics and law : a very new subjects for me. For econs, theoretically, things were easy to be understand and stimulated.  But when it comes into the graph, I need the lectures to come and rescue. But basically, I am enjoying my econs class, because stuff that I've been debating these years , reading facts about economies , apply in debate, without knowing how far the factual stands, I learned it here. What is all about, the importance of economy in our life. How it relates to one and another. Its enjoyable so far. :))

Law. To be frank, I used dictionary more frequent in law class instead in english classes. Because of the very very new terms. Things that I've been watching through televisions, reading through newspapers, become clear. We got to know what are the differences between civil and criminal cases. How law reformed in UK especially. We got to develop our senses to become more sensitive about the current  issues happening right now. Right here. What should be done. What should be reform in order to seek for justices. We why the what. We why the how. We why the when. We why the which. We why the whom.

Behind each statements  there's always possibilities of the reasonable doubt. To be easy translated : Kita akan terus mempersoalkan satu pernyataan selagi ada keraguan yang munasabah. Yes, we do why the what. :))

I need to develop myself interms of raising awareness regarding the current issues. Current status quo that seems to have flaws. Yes, for me. That is how lawyer need to behave. operationally defined by me. Yaaa, you can change . Humans. Rambut sama hitam. Hati pasti lain lain.


I need to keep the faith up that I can do this. Keep the first perceptions last. Ease this path. I know people surrounds may said lawyers aint a good profession for a Muslim. Cliche used statements : Satu kaki neraka. Satu kaki syurga. I seek for the bless in You O Allah. I'm learning and doing this for the sake of the country itself, saving Malays, saving Muslims , doing fardhu kifayah, doing fardhu ain. Ease this.

Uttering Ikrar Pelajar, SBPI Selandar.


I hold the uttered words. It's kind of a promise. Selandar, you taught me a lot. Very much. Thank you.

PS : Law Notes.

its mine :p

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