The 11th hour.

July 30, 2012

Assalamualaikum. I've been reading the 10th published Contengan Jalanan since after sahur. To avoid back to dreams. To avoid an extreme changes of energy. Kalau dah bangun then tidur balik : its an extreme change. Y'know that kind of feeling. Uarghhhhh.  For me. For you? Taktahu.

11th hour. I've been reading this phase since after subuh. Pages by pages. The man who decided to change at 12th, died at 11th. It keeps repeating. In my head. Sigh *turn down the face*

So I've been through such an enjoyable lame days. Watching Harry Potter back from the first episode. Just end up Order of Phoenix last night. Just to share a quote from Albus Dumbledore :

Sometimes, its not the ability inside you determines who you gonna be in future. Still it based on our choice.
*its when Harry asked ,instead of Slytherin, Why He Was Placed In Gryfindor. He chose to. 

Nampak tak betapa focusnya aku? Naaaa Harry Potter, somehow aku terkesan. :')

I finished my econs assignments. Done with drafted essays for law. More researches to go. More and more. Workaholic me. Nice one. Good side : not having wireless all around. To change the melodies of life : I turn myself as a bookwarm. Over and over reading edexcel for law. End up jadi blurr gila ; seems like the marking scheme does help and rescue. *sigh* Takpe. Slow and steady.

Emotions? Naaa I'm trying to take things for granted. Let things happened. Buat bodoh. End up, malas nak fikir. Bagus kot sikap malas in terms of perasaan. Thanks malas. Thanks.

WEDNESDAY approaching. First of August. Indicate that its been a month here. So far, doing good.

Ramadhan. Doing good too. Cuma tak turun terawih kat surau. Longing for. One fine day. Before the 11th hour. I cooked for the housemates. Teruja . Haha :D

I've been missing my social nets life. Until now, its a relief when I can blog. I can talk. Can redeem the un-shared words. Redeem? huh? *macam redeem coupon* *teringat ada coupon kfc* *nak redeem dengan housemates* But somehow. Relief jugak. Bila tak dapat frequently online. More focus. Mungkin. Alhamdulillah.

Change Najwa. Before Its Too Late *never too late secondhand serenade. *takde kaitan. Double face =='.


Have I shared this before. I called this : The bed of flowers :p *intec scenery* breathtaking :)

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