Ramadhan approached. A step forward to heaven.

July 20, 2012


Grab the chance. Chances only come once in a year. Ramadhan last for 30 days. Step forward to heaven.

Being the  choosen one to be in Ramadhan : it should one kind of relief  for all muslim. Because not everyone  was choosen to be in Ramadhan .

Mungkin ada yang meninggal dunia waktu asar sebelum menjelang maghrib.
Mungkin ada yang pergi menemui Yang Maha Esa sebelum Ramadhan menjelma.
Mungkin ada...
Mungkin ada......

Bukankah ajal maut itu di tangan Tuhan?

So here we're, Ramadhan. My first puasa based on stories *my mom told me previously. I started fasting when I was three years old, so it has been 15 years until up now. Time runs fast huh? very fast. This year, after five years facing enjoyable life of Ramadhan in Selandar, now here in a new place. Gonna see how it will flow like.

Everything is in our hand. Its like, we can choose whether we can peform tarawih or not. We may choose , no rules and regulations. No seniors gonna mess up your head like forcing you doing tarawih , or even chattering voices complaining that you're skiping your terawih.  But then, I knew, I am the one who coloured my future gonna look like. To be good, the action must follow simultaneously. Not just based on talking, aiming all sorts things you;re going to do through out Ramadhan. Even with no rules, no enforcement, I am a Muslim. I should practice the way I should act as Muslim. A muslim who seek for heaven. Its a chance. My HEP once said : *quoted from someone*

Ciri-ciri ahli syurga tergambar di dunia. *it keeps repeating. flowing in my mind* *repeating* CIRI. CIRI. AHLI. SYURGA. TERGAMBAR. DI. DUNIA. * and it remains repeated inside my head.

Kalau nak bernanung bawah syurga.
Gambarkan personaliti ahli syurga di dunia. Seikhlasnya dari hati.
Kalau ingin syurga, ke syurga yang mana satu. Syurga paling bawah. Atau syurga paling atas.
Kalau ingin ke syurga, adakah cukup setakat kata kata tanpa tindakan.


Together with me. With the muslim. Grab the chances. Chances of learing who poor survives their lives. Chances of getting closer to Allah. Chances to have pahala straight from Allah.

As chances may not come twice. Chances of meeting up the next Ramadhan wasnt a sure yet. Even chances to get through ramdhan for 30 days, wasnt a sure yet.

Bukankah ajal maut itu di tangan Tuhan.

You choose.

Assalamualaikum Ramadhan. :')

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