FAITH itu percaya.

September 01, 2013

Did you know that Islam is one of the religion that need faith through our life?

Trust is the unspoken beauty that reveal itself when the right time comes. 

Sebab kita tak pernah nampak physical how Allah look like. Tapi kita percaya dia ada. Thats why kita berdoa. Sebab kita tahu Dia ada, Dia dengar and Dia faham kita. 

Sebab ada Rukun Iman , kepercayaan terhadap perkara -perkara yang kita tak nampak. Contoh Qada' dan Qadar.

We never know what will happen in the future , tapi whatever it takes we understand and percaya ada hikmah. You don't really see the HIKMAH when you say it but you believe there will be one. ( at least ) in the future.

Faith is beauty. Serious. Beauty yang kita tak figured out physically tapi beauty on how our mind works to assimilate and accept things that were left unsure. 

Contoh ; 
Thes two days , Selangor punya air mengalami gangguan. I mean its like a hell two days. Living with limited source of water. You see people purchasing for water dekat mydin. The moment when you see mineral waters masuk keluarga barang kawalan. That WAS AWKWARD I TELL YOU. It was a hard living days ( two days kemain hard dia ) , tadah air hujan. Beli air cactus sampai RM 9.00 dan dibuat untuk mandi. Do you know that kind of feeling seeing your money flows like the water flows? 

So despite the hard time, I try to tell myself. Ada hikmah. Percaya yang ada hikmah. 

YES, ada hikmah. Hikmahnya is when you realize how these days - ada air semua , you never say alhamdulillah for this kind of 'small' blessings. Sebab kita tak pernah rasa susah. See how people desperately need water and when it comes pouring through the pipe , that was blessing. Kita belajar macam mana nak hargai air, berjimat pakai air. Wasn't it called BEAUTY? 


Currently I am so so so busy with all these uni's application - from the personal statement to university reviews , admission tests for law school in UK. Bila first time buat, perasaan dia macam Oheeemgeeh apa ni apa ni apa ni susahnya *tarik rambut* . Lagi -lagi JPA letak syarat untuk Top 50 unis. When its top 50 unis , they're expecting only A's and the addition of A* . THIS IS NO JOKE FREAKING HARD WHUTT.  So kalau ikut kemampuan diri, rasa macam, ergh I am so not gonna get through this. But then , the beauty of Faith tells us yang -

Percaya apabila Allah bawak kita ke satu jalan , dia akan bawak kita go through the path set up. No matter how hard it will be, He'll guide through. 

Konsep dia sama macam SPM PMR or even UPSR. Dulu macam tak boleh buat je , kalau lepas pun takut tak kemana. Tapi sebab kita percaya , kita letak faith by praying to Him . Kan dia bawak kita through. I mean. This is beauty. 

Its always man who plan his course, but Allah is the one who're guiding the steps. 

Faith is yet so important in our life. 

Sebab dengan percaya , kita akan jadi manusia yang lebih bersemangat. Sebab kita percaya. Kita akan rasa disayangi - I mean if someone who you love dearly , trust you, wasn't that feels good? Faith towards Him  jadikan kita seorang yang mengharap tapi pada masa yang sama , if what we're asking for is not good for us so Allah tak grant the wishes, we tell ourselves yang akan ada hikmah in future. 

If you're a muslim. Faith kena kuat. In and out. Sebab dengan percaya jugak, kita tahu yang Allah ada two four seven di mana mana :")


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