The tense and the miracle.

September 15, 2013

Oh haiiii blog. Its been more than a week after my last cheesy weirdo teenage love post. 

Basically the two-hectic-weeks flew away. And currently I'm home. Do you know what it feels like having such a tremendous busy week and finally getaway to paradise? haha gaya macam dapat dua sayap comel terbang balik Melaka sambil pakai gown putih. Oh fairy tale sangat T.T 

Now the priority goes to the tons of assignments , revision , university applications, exams and quizzes. All of them sounds like the Hotbox KFC ay? Nay. haha. Done with my personal statement. Nak mend sikit lagi -UCAS form ( its like UPU version tapi for UK university application ) , trial for ielts done , mid-sem pun alhamdulillah. Brace yourself girl. Lots more to encounter in future ahead. Fiuh. 

wanita yang excited dengan kolej sendiri :p - Its basically a preparatory college for anyone who want to pursue their degree oversea. Wanna know more about intec , click HERE - lols sangat promosi tetiba. 

And yesterday there was a miracle. Miracle in Cell No. 7

I rarely do any reviews on places, foods or even movie but this time around this movie is yet a very very very very gooooooood movie , it was a friend of mine that copied the story on the desktop . Its a korean movie - sebab aku jenis jarang layan movie korea , drama exception. haha. This movie kalau bagi rate 10, aku bagi 11.5 . But tengoklah, sebab ada orang suka tengok movie yang drag feeling ke laut. Ada yang suka sengat sengat pebenda tah lexical choice of gangster taiko kawasan p tripple f t. And I am someone yang dragged into emotion , sungguh sungguh mengalir air mata lols.

Its a story about love, law and rare. Sebab dia bukan cheesy love typical drama korea between a handsome guy and a poor woman. TAK. Its a love between a dad and a daughter. Starter dia macam blur blur sikit - and dia bukan movie yang kita boleh expect things happened at the end. At first I thought the daughter was defending a case of someone else but in the middle baru nampak kronologi apa yang anak dia try nak buat. In some ways , movie ni nampak lah tak berapa nak boleh consume dalam kepala - such as seludup masuk a girl inside a prison sebab aku manalah pernah duduk dalam prison. Lols. Tapi watching korean movies sebelum sebelum ni , I was amazed dengan how they treat the prisoners - I mean the cell itself , sebab they still got the home feeling inside the prison . Tak macam malaysia , prison is a hell. *kot* haha . Tapi kalau dapat prison macam dekat korea, konfirm aku nak bergolek dua tiga hari dekat situ. EKEKEEKE. 

Do you know I started to write my personal statement for uni application once I watched korean drama? HAHA YESSSS, there's where I got the idea. Its " I HEAR YOUR VOICE" drama. Now bila tengok this movie , again ada jugak pasal law. It makes me ponder a lot kot. How the profession would be bila kita tak spur the heart and efforts into the field. Ponder on how to include matters of fact , facts that being ignored and the person being vindicated - how power overshadowed justice. Selama ni nampak yang macam " OH..., OHH.." tapi once I watched those two things , my view of OHH turns to HMM. haha. 

I couldn't tell you each of the flows tapi I really really really recommend you to watch this movie. 

Serious , its a wonderful movie. I wonder bila Malaysia nak sampai that par of quality movie. Bukan downgrade. Tapi kenyataan. Aku takdelah kata Malaysia teruk dengan filem dia - and angkat orang luar. Tak. Tapi in terms of movie yang berkualiti- tak cliche, full of kesan dalam hati - ada tapi tak banyak. 

cell no. 7

in between the story line.

ni part yang last last ( dia punya seduuuuu jangan cerita :'(( )

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