Love battle.

September 08, 2013

That kind of feeling that you're trying to get rid off. 

I know if I move even further. It will crashes my heart another days. But I scroll and constantly reading his timeline. 

I know that I need to make up my mind. Constantly telling yourself to stop. You need to. But what you're doing will suffers you more - your heart would definitely break into ashes . I acknowledge that but yet things seems harder to be done rather than telling it. Urgh. 

And I wish to cry. But I couldn't because I don't know whether crying is the way to express things out. Tak, dia bukan sedih. Bukan kecewa. Its a step , a precaution step before rasa 2 mixed feelings tu. 

So pre-sedih. Macam tu kot. still evaluating reasoning kenapa kena nangis najwa. 

Sebab takut deep fall. Tapi dah deep sangat ni. Sebab tahu yang akan kecewa kemudian hari. Kau nak salahkan the fate on that day. NO. Tapi that shouldn't be the way. So what is the way. I just don't know. 

You actually make my life complicated. Because its battling within the heart. What should prevails . 

Sakit untuk kecewa. Lagi. 

Aku kena give up. Dia bukan boleh choose. Memang kena. Dah. 

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