Mad woman. I am. sometimes. Eh overtimes. Oh this need a tittle too ey?

September 02, 2013

I am tired and I wanted something to spilled on. 

I don't want to bother my parents. Because I guess. They're tired too. So lemme spill it here. Not addressing anyone but yeah Im kinda pissed off somehow. 

Okay first. I hope this week slip fast . I mean, real fast. Because I can't stand overload infinities of works. Which don't really benefits me academically. Yeah Pissed. I am. Don't you think I had lots more thing to be done ey? I am not going to say this but yeah this pretty shit , why does it like every-time I need to use my money first , I know I'll get in return but please , its my pocket money. Do I need to like go to the atm machine for thousand times just for this man? NO. FREAK NO. SHU. 

I hate you guys. Serious. I hate myself either for joining this stuff. I mean, its a wrong step taken. Suffer najwa suffer. 

K next , I am applying for uni's now. Esok ada consultation time, you know when I am kinda stress like this. I tend to like feel demotivated. Infact I am multitasking now. Checking mails. Doing mails. Checking personal statement , got things to be photostatted some more, fax some more. And with all this shitty stuff some more. Just stop sending me those freak messages that seems to be like, weh I need a life break or what. JUST STOP BOTHERING. Slip fast laaaaaaaaa weekend please. Aku penat.  Urgh . Doing assignment and I need to breathe. So here's the blog post. 


Get a life najwa. 

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