A-level. University Applications.Part 1 : Personal statement.

September 28, 2013

Since love genre was too cliche and I can never tell how complicated it was. 
Since life genre was too congested - because I had lots to share. I can never tell from where it starts. 
Since I am too busy - or I am enjoying my life treat - so thats why I abandon this blog. 

Teneet, so I am gonna share for whom who happened to google stuff like - Personal statement , law students , university applications. This was just a rough ideas on how it goes.

University application - 90% done . Macam tak percaya dah habis buat personal statement dimana suatu masa dahulu - satu haprak idea tak datang - satu ayat pun tak lepas - dan akhirnya 46 lines out of the limit which is 47 lines. Mana datang ilham tu semua? Maka saya bersyukur dengan kurniaan Allah.

Oleh itu, saya ingin berkongsi sedikit ilmu bersama kalian - yang masih mencari-cari sinar ilham atau tidak mempunyai langsung idea camne nak mula. Lets start. 

So how to get ideas for personal statement? 

          If its me, the answer would because of I watched I Hear Your Voice - a korean drama. Nampak macam takde nak berkait sangat but I am inspired to write, sebab basically I Hear Your Voice , genre law bunuh bunuh revenge love semua - that was the start , for now, since I haven't send the applications to the respected uni's - so for the time being I can't share the essay . Sebab personal statement is something yang sensitive - it detects plagiarism ( meniru ) from any sources like personal statement dalam internet , or kawan punya.

             So my advice is not to give your friends baca your piece of work, sampai you hantar the application -  and sebenarnya its not recomended jugak untuk kita baca karangan orang lain untuk dapat idea sebab tendency untuk kita meniru sangat sangat tinggi. So let the idea come freely - doa didatangkan ilham. Jangan paksa diri - or else your piece of work would be macam, errr tak natural? . Kalau korang apply for other course - tengoklah cerita yang ada base base kerjaya korang. Err 

I've consulted my personal statement dengan mabecs ( the agent yang uruskan ) - moga dipermudahkan urusan. Moga di doakan juga :)

What to include inside your personal statement? * United Kingdom ( UK ) bound student *

The reason why I include UK sebelah tu sebab from what I see, US UK punya personal statement was a bit different , macam US ( as what I knew ) dia more or less macam cerita , but then for UK bound, since I've consulted the agents , dia bagitahu what are the do and dont's inside an essay. My first personal statement ( ps ) half of the lines were cancelled because I was telling stories - the start was perfect as what she said - and the rest , I need to change them. Masa tu rasa macam demotivated okayyy nak apply - sebab busy satu - second kita spur efforts on that kind of paragraph for weeks jugak - next seeing your lines were not accepted - and the agent wanted us to do it in two days - supaya dia boleh betulkan mana baik mana tak. Tapi I said to myself - you dah mula, habiskan dengan baik. So I did. And the next ps , alhamdulillah. Okay laa :3

Panjang pula merapu .

Ni semua yang aku share ni benda yang aku dah siap consult dengan agent Mabecs .

So things to include ( example me taking law )

- why ( because I wanted to serve the country bla bla bla tapi janganlah cliche macam ni , sebab apa je kerja dekat dunia tak serve their own country idok?   )

- whats your added value that you think can qualify you taking the course ( contoh buat law : I can debate ) * for this its important for you NOT TO ONLY STATE - saya pandai debate without anything to supports behind , so include aaa sikit participation in debate ke. Sama macam cakap : I am a kind hearted person . Kalau kita cakap ni je, HOW IN THIS WORLD PEOPLE WHO'RE READING THAT SURE YOU TU BAIK KE TAK, so support with little evidence. 

- topic disscussion ( this one is important if we're applying for top notch uni's and biasanya we need to understand like very deep into our topic disccussion, contoh ayat : These days , there were sparks of tensions that happened in the middle east country ..... * elaborate sikit * . For this part, use a first person language - like in my opinion, my point of view . Agent yang check tu kata - kita kena master thetopic - sebab contoh kalau nanti uni tu ada interview kita - dia might use our topic disscussion as the topic )

- be humble - kadang kadang we tend to like exaggerate ( lebih lebih ) macam - I am very kind bla bla bla . So pepandai la buat ayat - kalau nak tahu kita over tak, cuba baca balik, kalau rasa annoying dengan diri sendiri , silalah mend personal statement anda :)

- Lastly , what would you used your knowledge that you'll obtain from that field  for? Contoh , nak buat reformation towards better country ke . As conclusion. 

- So there were some google thingy that might help you guys with this macam , Website for Plagiarism   , Website for spelling and grammar error. 

Feel free to ask :)

By the way, still , be sincere :) with what you're saying. 

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