Home after 9 months

June 14, 2016

* malas letak gambar sebab it took quite some time to upload em' *

After such a long haul journey from Cardiff to Melaka , I'm finally settling down ( faster than I thought ) in the place I call home. Many things had been running through my head for the past few months like mungkin awkward ke ( kah kah ) because you little brother growing up so fast but it turns out , he may be physically grown up but to me , he's still my little brother who still talk random things with me. 

Flying with Qatar 

The flight was a pleasant one except for the long hours. Kadang tu rasa macam nak thousand times pusing masuk toilet lama lama and explore things yang ada dalam toilet baik dari the tissues , wipes , or even an eau de toilette they provide which basically makes you smell like a lemon ( which smells exactly the same like a fresh unused toilet hur hur ) ( such an effort to describe the smell of the perfume haha )

I was contemplating at first nak puasa tak on the second flight since we arrived Doha somewhere around 6 am , board again at 8.15 am like that , but I decided not to , kita menggunakan rukhsah aicewah , pastu I tend to get dehydrated a lot on the plane so each time celik je I'll push the attention button dengan suara serak basah ' Can I get a cup of water ' which kadang tu tersasul jadi a cup of tea and I was like jap one two three second ' eh no , water please ' . This time around alhamdulillah takde motion sickness , after countless of plane rides I'm totally used to this plane thingy hur hur . To many more plane rides in the future * cheers air masak * haha. Previously I don't really watch movies on the plane sebab selalu mabuk dulu before you even bothered to touch the screen to see what they offered but as for this time , tengoklah balik Zootopia then Kungfu Panda 3 , The 5th Wave right before the first plane landed sebab first flight macam tak boleh nak tidur sangat sebab I slept through my journey from Cardiff to Heathrow . And my last movie was Ariel the Little Mermaid , watch only like 15 minutes and the rest was a history. But most of the time Quran recitation works best on me whenever tetiba pening nak kena tidur , its soothing and you don't need your eyes to look at the screen haha.

The food was not bad , I still prefer Malaysia Airlines . There's like this one time they offered rice with fish but I still prefer sausages and omelette amboi tekak kau takde lagi westernised. My brother gave me that ew kau melayu kot when I said the sambal sotong for iftar just was spicy. Kau kena faham guwe setahun prefer sos tomato dari sos cili. Kalau cili pun nak sweet chili haha. 


Your body kinda have that automatic switch , balik terus automatic jadi balik kakak dalam rumah. Though kekok sikit camne nak basuh kangkung hahaha aku setahun tau tak jumpa kangkung so I was like pause dekat sinki , ' bu ni camne nak basuh ni satu satu ke haha ' . I spent this morning cleaning the mess created by the monkeys in the kitchen  , I thought they disappeared and aku sudah mula berburuk sangka dengan seekor kucing putih sebab aku ingat dia punya angkara , not till my parents said that it was the monkey as cats wont break the eggs , that sounds logic to me hahaha.  Walked to Rumah Nenek , jumpa atuk nenek pastu jumpa makcik with the new addition to the family. I never met her since she was born in December . Pastu walk back to the house , and take random selfies , I hate how my face reacted towards the surrounding , rashes satu muka , mungkin sebab balik balik semalam terus main kucing with endless ' awww y u get szo big ilam olen ' 

Being home - still feels like yesterday . Everything looks exactly the same ,except for how some scenery changed. Tapi seronok lah kot balik dekat tempat yang sejahtera dengan hati. I'm writing this while looking at my brother to cut the chickens so I can fry them for sahur , my brothers grown up so well , I can't wait for him to get his license and I will officially have my driver ! I still need to wait for Aimi to finish her term so we can go around aimlessly. We even have this food-list to be satisfied. I got my sambal sotong already , although banyak je kali masak sambal dekat UK with the same exact steps macam mana Puan Nurul masak , it still taste way better than mine. I got my kangkung as well , sebab masih jetlagged ( acah ) bangun bangun tidur , ayah dah siap petikkan kangkung and a bunch of pucuk ubi for tomorrows iftar . I can dance around like a princess now * golek golek sounds much easier * . Disebabkan kau dah enam hari puasa lebih 19 jam sehari , 13 jam rasa macam weh kejapnya plus awkward makan pukul 7 hahahha I'M FINALLY BACK TO THE PROPORTIONATE TIME ZONE PEOPLE where siang malam sama panjang fiuh. 

By the way , I'm amused that I have like four men in the house , and I cooked only like 1 1/2 cup of rice itupun TAK HABIS WEH , I cook even less than what we ( my housemates in Cardiff ate ) . Now I understand my sister's struggle waking up in the middle of the night sebab lapar hahahahah. 

Tengah sedut movie dari Nadzmi because he got like a lot of them. I got myself a 1 TB hardisk when I bought my laptop but only used like less than 200 GB ( which most of them are documents and korean movies ) , even my laptop 1 TB gak hard drive but I only used like 200 GB of them and he found it absurd , he must have thought ' my sister looks like she's updated with all these techno thing , almost like a techno geek but she just don't exactly care ' . I'm just having them for the sake of any future things we never know hahaha for jobs or whatevs , I bought my laptop after looking at its screen inch itupun salah estimate 15 inch besar mana ( my parents found this absurd hahahhaha ) - pastu its red - and with little knowledge about the RAM and hard drive size sebab nak store movies kah kah. 

Summer plan 

I found myself talking to myself hahaha ayat apa ni , while choosing for Kalsom's module. I end up choosing Sacrificus camno nak eja , but its a module that basically tells you in order to achieve something , you need to sacrifice something in your life , baik emotionally or even physically. I need to jot down all the things that have been running through my mind since yesterday. 

half occupied for July and August , for Projek Kalsom and also Small Changes . Rasa macam dah lama tak get involved in community and I'm pretty anxious about this two camps , of meeting new people , but I guess lets just do this anyway. And very soon Revival of Ramadhan next week I bet. Not to forget abang's engagement day - Nadzmi masuk Unikl  . Masih nak intern anywhere , sebab tengah pressure nak cari pengalaman bekerja tu , takut gila habis belajar tak marketable T.T . I never worked anywhere before , jadi I need to get that teaser feeling at least. Well lets hope someone may offer a two to four weeks intern position ha ha ha. ( cuak masalahnya ) but life is about going beyond your comfort zone so lets brace it ! . Dan mungkin masa masa kosong yang lain nak fully utillize dekat rumah like ajar anak orang ke - ajar adik sendiri - or whatever things yang mungkin perlukan tutoring , I may consider doing throughout summer. Tapi doakanlah eh dapat intern anywhere :) if not , lets just leave it and live the moment eh.

Tadi tengok TV , pastu there's this one slot that caught my attention when someone discussed about the meaning of Taqwa , aku rasa ever since first year aku akan selalu tanya apa maksud taqwa like every single time. So he shared that the root word to Taqwa is wa-qa-a which means dipelihara , dijaga instead of the direct translation , selalu orang cakap Taqwa tu takut. So I try to put it into words , kalau orang kata , ' Semoga kita jadi orang yang bertaqwa ' , it means , ' Semoga kita jadi orang yang sentiasa dijaga dan dipelihara oleh Allah , baik terpelihara dari perkara yang buruk , mahupun sentiasa dipelihara dengan perkara kebaikan. ' its making sense to my head now. 

Anyway , I feel much relieved now that I'm able to rant things on this side . Its been a while. 

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