June 16, 2016

Recently I discovered this new cartoon of Didi and Friends and I kept singing ' Pak Atan ada kucing , nama dia  bingo , B I N G O , B I N G O meow meow ' It was annoying and I found it absurd but guess what , that kinda stuck in my head and every time I sing it I will be laughing at myself and nayyy 

* minum air jap before imsak *


so remember my two previous post when I badly want an internship and was hoping that any firms will give me that opportunity , by the time I wrote that , it was mere expression without any action taken but yesterday , after pushing my mom to get me any lawyer's number hahahaha that's the only though since she will definitely try to seek one and the firm will be in Melaka . Because I don't really think I want to spend my summer away from home , stranded in that busy Kuala Lumpur ( because when I googled any potential firms for internship , they will either be in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur ) . Right before Subuh yesterday , I sent an email with my attached CV to a law firm in Melaka and ( anxious ) ( pastu pergi rumah nenek dah lupa dah pasal anxiety tu ) ( I wasn't really hoping neither I give that application so much thoughts ) ( trying to sleep since I am awake since the previous night ) ( finally sleeping yeay ) ( bangun solat zuhur ) , and after zuhur I got an email saying that they accepted me to do internship at their firm. 

* jaw dropped * 

Aku antara manusia noob yang tak pernah bekerja. Mungkin atas faktor aku jarang berada di rumah sedari 13 tahun , aku rasa I'm fully utilised bila aku balik ke pangkuan keluarga , so instead of working with anybody outside there , I think my family even myself lebih rasa nak berkhidmat di rumah , house chores , tutoring your brothers plus I don't really drive because I don't feel like doing it. ( alasan berjela nak justified leuls najwa ) . So this is totally a whole new experience for me. 

Cardiff tak letak pun internship as a part of the course requirement , and our course are more theoritical basis rather than practical so basically there's no need pun to do internship whatsoeva . Tapi I think I need that added value sebab I've been thinking about what ways I can familiarise myself with the law system in Malaysia sebab nak taknak nanti kau balik kau akan berkhidmat dengan any firms in Malaysia , kalau nak start the gear masa CLP , that sounds pretty late , plus kau dah laid back and relax lepas graduate. I talk to my mom about my anxiety , yang kadang aku rasa aku berlapang dada je nak terima kerja luar dari apa yang aku belajar , but she perhaps think yang its such a waste sebab aku belajar jauh jauh. Mengapa aku yang berlapang dada di sini hahaha , selamat datang ke dunia kematangan bila mana kau menerima yang tak semua benda will fall into places like you wished for. kuikui

and plus everyone else is doing internship as well , budak accounting lagilah , with all the big firms , I'm szo jellybean if I stay in my comfort zone. 

So currently I'm discussing with the firm , when will be the best time for me to do the internship since dah half occupied for July and August , pastu next week insyaAllah will be joining Revival of Ramadhan. This is so new to me , neither my family sebab if I'm studying locally , dia macam by hook or by crook , practical ke intern is a part of your course requirement , tapi this is a slightly different case. Anyone happened to read through , send me doa banyak banyak please supaya anxiety level at least merudum la sesikit.

Buka semalam p/s * ahhahaha comelnya najwa heading haha *

Oh yeah I got my murtabak rose yesterday , this legendary murtabak rose had set a high bench untuk rasa sekeping murtabak. I tasted like many kinds of murtabak before but none of them taste best like murtabak rose. I bought murtabak once in Cardiff  sebab mengidam sembilan bulan punya pasal and the taste / textures are quite different , the vinegar and onion gravy , gravy ke kita panggil dia smells quite strong , I mean the vinegar , pastu sebab penjual dia mintak feedback , aku nak taknak teringatlah kuah bawang murtabak rose ni , the taste and smell is never overwhelming so aku komenlah kata yang perhaps boleh kurangkan bau , sebab aku pernah encounter dalam hidup kuah bawang yang smooth leuls.  

I'm still struggling with my sleep though , I thought semalam it gets better , but I end up waking at 2 am , pastu macam mengapa kau terjaga semula anis najwa , but guess what , perhaps that's Allah's subtle way nak invite buat doa bebanyak in the middle of the night. Lagipun senang lepas tu terus memasak and kejut orang sahur. Aim puasa tahun ni ; ease my moms burden so she won't cook for sahur , I will hew hew.

Struggle seorang ubi kentang 

Oh yeah , lagi satu , my father told me that we will have our iftar esok dekat rumah kawan dia. That was pretty fine sebab aku dah selalu jumpa pun kawan dia dan anak anaknya , which basically takde baya aku , dan aku akan menjadi ketang yang janggal esok. But whats even harder for me is the day after that sebab bukak puasa dekat community centre of the village ohmio my last time adalah right before I flew off to the UK maigads camne ni weh huwaaaaaaa and that was like two years or three years ago , plus no one ever talk to me , despite I'm being super talkative in nature , aku masih seekoq ubi kentang yang awkward when it comes to the community where I'm living , aku pernah je kot dengar ura ura ornag mengatakan aku seorang yang sombong. Nak buek camno , aku tak dewasa dekat rumah , like most of the time luar rumah , I'll be needing Aimi at least. Baliklah tidaklah kita terpinga pinga T.T 

Enufff with your ramblings ,  marilah mandi pepagi and subuh. Adios migosamosa ehey sedapnya samosa. 

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