The desires wanted me to be a lawyer, but...

April 04, 2012

Assalamualaikum .

I was wondering about my future. Last week, I have drastically change myself by changing the arrangement of courses and university in UPU. I changed Pharmacies as the first choice and I put Foundation Undang-undang at the second stage. And, now I am wishing, hope to get the second choice *back as the first priority.

I changed because, some people surrounds me ask to do so.Mocking voices showing me all the negative negative things, all horror things for becoming a lawyer. And its the matter of I am a science stream'er before, so I can't be a lawyer.errr =.='' . Some people might say that : You wanted to be a lawyer. and you enter SBP? Wrong choice. Again , I give double equal == errrr errr.

Okay, let me first explained, why and why I wanted to be a lawyer.

First, to be the first lawyer in the family. I have two doctors in the family *the so-science-area . And if ever I become, the third doctor, which one sounds good and better , first or third. Of course the first one. Besides,I encounter a big problem with my Chemistry during my SPM and haha, to get B, is so so much awesome and Alhamdulillah. So, to further with Pharmacist : Gulp.

Secondly, the desires and passions drives me, I wanted to be a lawyer. I read to bibliographies of lawyers and I admired, and adore Tan Sri Ahmad bin Mohamed Ibrahim , the founding father of Kuliyyah of Law IIUM . He was the one who discovered perbank-an Islam in Malaysia. And also, he was the one who handled Natrah case, *if you read histories as much as I do in previous years. See, how passionate I am?  errr =.='' Maybe I don't sounds so so the semangat. weheeee.

Third, its the matter of debate life. You know, if I am a medic or pharmacies or dentistry  student , and if I am a debater at the same time. For me, it sounds awkward.  I have a great passion in talking and giving ideas, so I do really hope I get the second choice.And for me, even I am a science streamer, I am a learner. I don't see any wrong things there, to learn different field of studies. Life is about learning, so why don't I try? Huh?

Ouhhh, what if I get the first choice? Ending up, learning back Chemistry. ==

I would say Alhamdulillah. Yet Allah knows whats best for me. I may think that, law is the best for me, but it wasn't meant for me : I should say okay, I can do it, I can be better.

Ahh, but please, pray for me, the best . *and still for me myself, Law is the best.

still, no matter what I will be , the path is still longer than what I've expect.

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