IF IT'S WRITTEN : i will :)

April 22, 2012

Assalamualaikum. Brothers Sisters. Muslims. :)

My bad for not updating my blog. Suddenly turned out to be someone creepy soundless.All - charge relates. Yow , I am trying to write here with smile as an expression through the post.

Currently, I am updating all scholars stuff. Getting or not getting it, I left it to Allah. After all He fares me a fate dah. I just need to be patient after the efforts showed. I'm done with My MARA essay which turned out to be something WOWW, woww for me as I've stop writing english essay since my last paper in SPM. Glad for myself. Give myself an applause *okay stop making syok-sendiri scene.

So hows your life treat you huh? Cool isn't it? Chill out. Relax. Things happen for hikmah.

Okay stop. Let me be frank with myself. I can't help myself to just post things that relate to ilmu stuff. As I need a medium for me, to actually express myself. In terms of writing. So its kinda, this THE PATH is having not much different than my late Glance Thought. Things which happen to be different : No more stupid posts with rempit language , or love stories with eiuu eiuuu stuff. Yaaa, after all if this THE PATH act like Glance Thought does, of course I will write even more active. So again, THE PATH will act as a one. Yipeee.Lets start :)

So meet me again here : The zealous girl with great passions and determination. Aspired by the words? pleasee, craving for YES as an answer. weeweeee.

This Thursday I am going to meet my sisters. The colours of my life I guess. We'll be spending our time together before we're moving on to the next step. Moving on the next tertiary level. Gonna make our own life stories : the real life without no laws and regulation like school years treated us. Gonna be tough moment tanpa peraturan.

they are my dear sisters. The colours. The skype-mates. The smiles. Meet them :
Yana , Aqila , Syida , Aireen , Ain , Sofea :) and include Nuur Naajiah jugak :)

Looking forward to meet my dear sisters. Welcome to hometown : Melaka. I should say thanks Selandar for making us to meet.

 terima kasih Selandar :) 

Currently I am making big decision in my life : what is it? Ouhho, not to revealed now. One fine day insyaAllah, if it's written : i will . I will go for it. Menjauh mungkin yang terbaik insyaAllah. Senyum dengan diri sendiri  :)

Jealous tengok orang dapat EduCamp UTP bagai, aku mampu diam diam je. Ahaaa its my fault at first, tak mohon. Tapi bila review, Naj, awak tu physics ke laut , engineering ke mana? Atlantik. Haaa see, things happen for reasons :)

So pray for me peeps. Trying to slow down with myself. Jadi pendiam buat seketika. *instead jadi infos centre lately. *sigh comes first * may ada saham aku menolong di situ comes second. * Najwa, ikhlas come third. kuikuikui.

Adios people. Take care sayangs :)

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