HEART AND MIND, please work together.

April 04, 2012


I have been so silence through these days. I have tried to write. At least about something and I failed in the middle of the words. I lost my words and my ideas. And seriously I am not okay with that-type-of-me . And today I would to share something. Not that personal but it sounds cliche, LOVE.

Sorry if this post doesn't benefited you. I just need something to ease the feelings I had inside. And I never wish the feeling grows stronger. And again, I failed in controlling myself from falling again,and again.

SEE, how negative I am when it comes to me and love motion. SEE, the words, of Failed. Lost , Not Okay . and seriously I sounds helpless with this.

Through the days, I have to admit, I've spare my heart for someone. No, I am not saying that, HE will be someone mine in future and besides I sounds too young for this . But just, I have tried my best, to forget, to let go him  but my mind and my heart doesn't work along together .The mind kept denying while the heart, kept making dreams. I've told myself, based on the physically appearance, I don't deserve anybody. Yaa, all men thinks alike. Again, I am playing with negative words.I don't show any determination here. And this is partially me.

Yes, I know, the path that I'll be going through is much more longer than what I've expect. And I just need, my mind and heart work together. Help me, to forget. Not to make the feelings grows stronger.

ALLAH, to you and only you could help me, ease the feelings I had inside. Give me all the faith , having great faith in YOU, that every Hawa have their Adam and vice versa. Give me the faith that, if I act good, I'll be granted with someone good too. If ever He is the best for me, if ever he is my Adam, and if ever I came from his left tulang rusuk, make us to meet. Anywhere, anytime. And I really need the faith.

LOVE supposed to make you stronger,


but if ever He wasn't the best for me, maka menjauhlah.

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