Why the what. Why we tweet. Why we update facebook status.

August 18, 2012

Assalamualaikum and a pleasant day. I bit. 

also Louis
please. I want an attention. please.

So I've been reading a post from the friend of mine. About the human addictions towards social networks. And here, despite of copy-pasting. I would to share the point of view. On my own words. The words may trembled. Grrr.  

Motif utama post : Sebab aku terkesan dengan post tersebut. Quite starlighting terus ke dada. Aigoooo.

This post is EXCEPTIONAL for ilmu shared-post.

So here. Why do I write. Why do I blog. Why do I tweet. Why do I update my status in all kinds of social networks. Why I feel like getting myself into tweets life is osszem? Huh? I got myself chucked to answer all this stuff. 

Why do you? Kenapa kita tweet kita kat mana tengah buat apa makan apa pergi mana . Kenapa kita update status hari ni I feel like sucks , I feel happy.Kenapa kita tukar status from being single to in a relationship when you know, sebenarnya kita kita je tahu dah cukup  Kenapa kita upload gambar.Situ sana. Self satisfaction? Really? Do you really mean it? 

Sharing? Huh ? Why there were sometimes, a thing that you share, people don't even bother. You considered it as share. Ahhh maybe. alasan diterima pakai. You may used SEBARKANLAH ILMU WALAU SEBARIS. Tapi yang kita tweet tu. Yang kita update status tu. Yang kita blog tu : Rasa macam memanfaatkan tahap ilmu orang lain. Tak?

Contoh : Saya sedang memasak ni.
In what kind of situation or where is the angle do you feel statement di-atas memanfaatkan tahap ilmu orang lain.
Despite you want the whole world to know : Ohh dia tengah memasak.You're seeking the very first attention.
Next status : Saya masak macaroni. Daaaapppp eghhhh.
You wanna tell the world, I am cooking macaroni. And the taste is delicious.You're seeking the second attention here.

THINGS LIKE THIS. its happening in real world. seekers. source. Tumblr.
Still here you don't want to admit that you're currently craving for attentions? 

You deny. 
You keep denying.
You're getting angry huh?

Isn't it?

Then you're a human-being.

MOST OF THE PEOPLE will deny when we assume human crave for attentions. They said. Most of them : its a  kind of self-satisfaction. Less will admit, they're seeking for attentions. As I said before this is exceptional for ilmu-shared post. 

And what do you feel bila ada yang re-tweet? Or even follower bertambah? Bila ada orang yang like gambar

You feel the different, aren't you? Feel like ter-exicted lima enam saat

Things like :
Amaigadddd I tweet something awesome. I should tweet things like this even more. 
You gain many likes on your sexy tummy picture, Amaigaddd I should post more pictures like this. 
Amaaaaagaadd, I feel like macam retiss bila ramai re-tweet. 

Here you see how the social networks are turning you into somekind of monsters? Monsters that crave for attention. You're tend to be dead meat when you can't share stuff on twitter.Blogs.Facebook. The power that social nets have to rule your mind. Sebab its not weirdos bila someone ambik gambar, then someone said :


hack it off..
Why people. You capture a picture to capture the memories. Suddenly the real motif of having a picture is to upload it on facebook and stuff? Damn it. 

you're somekind cursed to .We're that kind of monsters huh nowadays. we're craving for attentions. Inilah pengemis alam siber. 

*people shouldnt judge beggars only exist di kaki lima pasar* 

We should get a life. One day, facebook may suffered their glory time like friendster and myspace had. And when all this social nets gone, will the memories fade off? When you actually capture something just to upload it into social networks acc. Not more than that?
GET INTO THE REAL LIFE. try on what kind of life would you have. Without social nets.



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