Friendship doesn't count miles,it's measured by the heart.

August 28, 2012

Assalamualaikum .

Its 28 of August. Less than 20 days, the very first batch of machinants going to fly. Followed up by the second batch and it goes around. And around. So I have such lovey dovey-affected reading tweets today. Tweet that show sadness. Counting days left for someone that we love so much and so deep, going to fly soon, pursuing studies. Its' gonna be MILES AWAY.  Separating . Not knowing what will happen actually in future. In 5 years, so many things could change : including the hearts. The feelings.

Omooooo. I can't help myself. This love-thingy stuff. Sorry.


Distance do create a boundaries. I do believe. They do create. But somehow, distance can make the rindu grows even stronger. But how if the feelings of rindu being channeled away. Eh apa aku ni. =='. By the way, channeled your doa to HIM if the one that you love so tight, being so far away. Take care of my beloved once. Not because that you wanna spend the life with him. Kalau kita doa supaya jagakan dia untuk kita, its like, if HE is not meant to be yours? acane tu?

Obviously It's Not Me , dear people.

Have you ever face a situation. When you're actually having a serious crush on person. You want to end your life with that someone and at the same time, not knowing how the fate will treat you in future. Does it will be everything like we wish where imagination turns into reality.

Things like :
He or She happened to be your soulmates. Long-lost soulmates.
We have many kids.
We even live happily ever after. <---- you might want to be a part in fairy tales. Uh?

Or even something worst : He or she turned to be your bestfriend someone's . That is such a disaster huh. If we're still keeping that kind of love-inside-the-heart. Oh heartbroken. Into pieces. Sobs.

See. No matter how far we plan. How deep the planning was. Still, the fate ain't in our hand.

Barangkali yang kita suka, bukan yang terbaik dari Dia.  Pegang kuat kuat kata Allah. After all He won't take something from you unless he's giving something better : mungkin better can be define as ujian. Through ujian we get experiences. You'll never know unless you face it.

So see. How dovey I am today. Talking about soulmates and stuff even I know I shouldnt do so. I got two critical years to face. Not allowed to get into married people group. And now what? Omooo najwa . Make up your mind.

Mintak Allah jagakan my long-lost-18years-soulmates bebaik.
Idk who. Idk why I ask this. Idk everything. What I know is , I wanted the best for Unknown H.E, the future father to my babies :P

gone far.limit limit najwa.

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