Do not play with the future lawyer.

August 16, 2012

Assalamualaikum . Entry tak bernada nak carik pasal atau nak file case sue-sue manusia. I just love the phrase. Aaaaaa *sila jatuh rahang*

When you have an account twitter, you tend to spill there often with simpler words.
And it happened to be I almost forget that I do have a blog to make the fonts talking louder.
I guess I am being to go-lucky these days. Something went wrong. Nerve for sadness ain't working well.
If it's working though, I kept denying facts and facts and be happy :)

see I am happy. Oh yeah. Yeah two times. Yeah for the third time. YeayyYeayyy.

Memandangkan tajuk entry berbaur perihal manusia bergelar peguam. I'm gonna spill about my classmates. My law-coursemates. Mehh beta kenalkan dengan classmate beta di intec. Penggunaan bahasa Melayu saya agak tunggang langgang di sini. Ignore me. What a bliss life.

I got 30 in my class. Eh no. I dont exactly know they exact numbers. 30 kot. Mungkin.
The guys, as always a minority in the class but still these precious guys needed for each group tasks. Seven of them. Sherlock Faris. Holmes Faris *desk name* , Arif Izhan , Aiman Azizan, Dharma Danial,  Fikri and Ikram. Class rep : Aiman.
The girls. Okay lets see did I succeed to remember their names. Syahirah Naimi ak.a Senah, Amira Safia , Raden, Kak Intan, Angel , Ameera , Elida, Syasya , Alina, Hadhinah, Mell, Muneerah, Aliatul , Nadilah, Sakinah, Fatin, Nazira, Adibah  ada lagi tak yang aku terlupa? Harap tidak. Harapnya..
Not to forget my deskmate : whom I close too : ehh yeke? ye ye : Ainaa Mazelin , Nurul Nasuha and Ajlaaala . Not to forget me Anis Najwa.

the sisters. :__: *cc SyasyaAzman for le pictures.

I am still in a phase of adapting myself with you guys. Accepting new things. Assimilating with the current status quo. I am happy to have you guys around. You guys is a good surrounding that help me to develop myself. :)) Why don't we hold our heart into one, aim for the best for these upcoming semesters. We know we can do it. Very yeaaah :)

tetiba rasa nak ajak kelas pergi Times Square. :P i love playing.

I love my 10LW2. The lecturers. Miss Vel for English. Mr Lee for econs but sadly he's replaced with another lecturer *unknown* Bye sir. I love you. kuikui.Mr Thava for law. Miss Nazlin for psycho. They're fun. awesome. enjoyable. Even sometimes, it happened to be a slight misunderstanding. Very tiny / Very slight.

So with prayers, pray for us. Please. We're the one who will be the next lawyer generations. We gonna help the nations. Secure the judiciary field.

 Ya Allah, eratkanlah hati hati kami :))

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