Its a huge stress and I tend to spill it here :/

August 30, 2012

Let. Me. Talk.

sparing precious moment for myself. I am crying inside. Badly. You know how it feels like when you actually feeling so bad inside : feels like the heart crashes  , and the moment that you need someone's shoulder to cry on, someone's ear to hear them. Then you got nobody. Not a human. Not even a friend.

I'll Feel So Bad.

Macam ni kau buat aku. Or even another kau buat aku. Then I'll feel damn stupid previously  to spare my time and energy to sooth your problem, to think what are the things that actually make you people laugh. And now....And this is how you treated me. Fine. Huge Thanks.

Can't you just understand :
Aku penat penat balik kelas, aku penat wehhhhh. Aku penat kau faham. Aku bukan sengaja tak angkat call, aku tengah kelas kau faham. Then I call you back untuk ambik berat : and this is it?

Wehhh. Aku sepatutnya tak payah bother. Sepatutnya.
You should tell me why . Apa weh salah aku. I am figuring it out.

I feel scratch inside. Huge Thanks. Aku menyesal sebab aku ambik berat. 

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