A-level law student life.

September 24, 2012

Hectic days are hectic.
As well as tired day is tired.
And this lists goes down and down. endless. Infinity.

So its not that good when you're actually write very well only during sad days. Stressful days. Forgive me O blog. Saya selalu cari awak masa saya sedih, masa saya nak ada kawan nak cerita. Maaf. Merajuk? Alololo. I pretend that you're alive and will always pretend. Ohh psychopath.

So I heard news. Rumors. Rumor has it uuuuu *singing* haha. And what's now. Haishh haishhh. I know we're the pioneer and that doesn't mean that we can be easily experiment-ized and stuff. *crying so loud inside* Ya Allah, trying to believe that there's always good things behind something happen. Where You want me to learn. Be tougher than others. Be strong to against any resistance. Okay bunyi mungkin macam ter-self-motivated easily after hours of sighing and pot-pet-pot-pet about the subjects taken. SEE here, I am trying to sejukkan hati sendiri. Its like putting our future as a subject to be test on. Bagai telur di hujung tanduk dan mengapa aku begitu sastera. :p

And now we'll go with the flow. And somehow aku rasa sikit kecewa regarding our life welfare here. Tengok macam mana nanti.

Second. Okay ni takde kaitan dengan stress di atas. Haha.

I had really forget a moment when my eyes meet someone's eyes and suddenly the heart beats. Aigoo. Haha.Macam tak appropriate je cerita kat sini. Ghaha. Takdelah. Saying that he's just a guy yang aku jumpa sekali and won't meet him another day. Just a guy. Fade like always. I've been bravo'ing myself these days because I rarely changed into someone in past years : its like I always talk  about love and soulmates or even the aim of getting married early. Sekarang jadi perempuan heartless. Pandang orang itu ini takde perasaan. Takde hati nak stalk mana mana manusia yang dicanangkan kehenseman mereka. I don't even bother once in my lifetime, perempuan ini jadi ayu dan sopan. Hahah. Banyak lagi komitmen nak buat.

 Lagipun masih dalam state : gua sedar diri gua siapa. Phewwwww :p :p

So. Go . With . The . Flow. Be happy instead. Stress stress pun tiada guna. Mungkin :)
ada hikmah.

See the faces :)

kami deskmates : Najwa and Ainaa

nasuha and me :) smapk sbpi selandar :D

me. chua he. ainana.

aina ==' and ajlaaaa :)

muka buruk. ignore me. 

we are the classmates. We're lawyers people.

and last : gambar empat bersama + kakak sayang :) kak intan :)
The fantastic four : Me. Chua.Aina. Ajlaa :)

a level blok :)

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