The mood swing in wind.

September 21, 2012

Blog I need you lately.I want to talk. The emotion is currently unstable. Something distracted me so bad. And I can't even accept the way my mood actually behave. Tremendous week. Broken- heart. I guess I am facing personality disorder symptom . Don't ask me why because I never knew the answer.

Ibtila' . Ujian. If it is, maka aku redha O Allah.

been hearing sad songs. Lyric lyric yang mengundang air mata untuk jatuh. I realized this is happening everyday. Hypophrenia i guess. Being sad without major cause.  But this ain't happening for a whole day. As it for certain time and to be exact masa tengah sorang sorang. Masa tak busy. And my heart started to shatter. The feelings of sadness and stuff start to overwhelm me.

I need to make myself as busy as I could. Then I will forget that how much my heart broken. I will eventually forget than the past five minutes feeling is a sadness. I will if and only if I am busy.

Tolong doa aku sibuk.

P.S I know what is happening. I realized and please know I am giving any damn on it. Never. Dah. Why should I care when you don't. Why should I always be the one who loosen things. Why should I bother when you don't. Fair and square. I have no regret changing into someone mean someone cold.I AM NOT GIVING ANY DAMN , understand well.

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