Acik, akak rindu :'(

September 19, 2012

it has been 7 months 2 days. Approximately. Entah kenapa hari ni tetiba rasa sayu sangat. Ya Allah, it had been quite a time. Dah tujuh bulan. Jauh masa pisahkan kita.

Yes, I was reading my MARA essay. You are the solid reason why I am standing here now. How can I really tell you that I am doing law because of you. Seeking justices for you.No one knows how bad I feel. How it pierced inside. I never had a chance to tell you everything. I miss the parts. I never could tell you,

things like :
" Acik, I obtain 7 A's"
" Acik, I am doing law."
" Acik, I am doing law because of you..."

its heart-breaking. So deep. How I really wish I could tell all this thing. I miss the smile. And I bet the family either. Acik, akak rindu. Rindu sangat sangat. I know its a big space that far us apart. Virtually I send all the messages to you through Allah. I wish you here them. I wish we could talk. I wish we could joke. I wish so many things. And my wishes is not more than wishes.

Ya Allah, sungguh aku dah redha dah dia pergi. Dia pergi dalam hari yang mulia. I was there, seeing everything. Every single step bringing him away from his previous life. Seeing the face, arghh. This one hurt so bad.

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