*cricket sound*

September 15, 2012

Its been such a long time when I actually spend some time to spill here. And I noticed that each of my post started with same cliche sentences. Like SUCH A LONG TIME. Somekind like I was actually forced to write something. Emotionally distracted. Why this negative words should appear. Why najwa. You don't get a single idea why I turned this creep. This un-explainable me. *cricket sounds*

Takpelah. Let see how words actually trembled. I was trying hard to arrange them in rythmic way.

Minggu ni ada test law and I was being possessed to read law after having such an awesome weekends. I know I am in the middle of exam weeks but I can't help myself to avoid such extreme entertainment. Okay just to be informed : I did my study . I studied my psychology *yeahh obviously a class test* , doing my economics article analysis. Yabedabedu rajinnya aku. Then I read law for a week. Balik balik belek tempat yang sama. To avoid major distraction, I put on my earphone up to the highest volume : Trying to consume two human sense parts. Part telinga consume lyrics. Part mata consume nota. Tell me how it gonna work. But still , it couldn't work with distraction like chatting and stuff. If I talk, I won't stop and I won't focus. So I need Musics to drown me into the deepest part where I feel like I am alone. Friend-zone. *cricket sound*

And now I am done with my Law for Mid-Sem. Joget joget panda warna biru* I wish I had one.

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