Malaysian with the ignorant thoughts #MH370

March 09, 2014

Yesterday , a plane which supposed to reached Beijing from Kuala Lumpur at 6.30 am were found missing and even after more than 24 hours , it shows no signs regarding the location of the plane itself. In the morning , I saw updates on the twitter timeline that the plane safely landed at Nanming / Nanning China till another updates saying that the plane never enter Chinese airspace. Sounds confusing eh? 

Late in the afternoon I saw another update : " Sorry to cause bla bla bla . My friend just now landed at Hong Kong not Beijing " I don't know whether his friend is trying to crack some jokes to his friend - Oh aku belum jadi hantu lagi la doh ' - bravo ignorant guy bravo - the one who spread the news is a Malaysian and I bet is his is from Malaysia too . Your so-called cracking jokes shows that how ignorant you are - I hate people that who're unable to distinguish serious and playing matters. At first , takkanlah kawan dia tu taktahu yang dia tu book flight pergi Hong Kong bukan Beijing - kalau ada mistake of fact pun , Hong Kong obviously does not sounds close to BEI JING. Kan? Ignorant is not a bliss. 

The trials are ongoing with 6 papers left and my attentions were diverted away - refreshing updates on the news - its heartbreaking to see family members waiting for the relatives. Because its still nowhere to find , being a human dalam zaman millenium ni , bagi seribu sejuta update dekat news tu , all we need to is to see with our own eyes then choose whether to believe it or not. So mula la perangai ignorant Malaysian yang aku rasa dahagaka retweet dan favourites bersama status berlimitkan 140 character.

Pesawat dah dijumpai * with a picture of the wreckage of  a plane incident 3 years ago but self proclaim its the MH370 * - retweets in every seconds. 

Ada tu siap lagi cakap : No survivors at all - semua mati - takde yang hidup bagai bagai.

 Being super ignorant society - terus menerus dok retweet binatang tu , giving false alarm till someone wise enough to give the real source of the picture. 

These kind of people tak rasa ke , how the family members would feel when you do something like that? I know its the matter of being realistic with the probability of outcomes - sebab dah lebih 24 jam - no signs they're on the ground - no communications done. Tapi you shouldn't do something absurd like that - sebab authorities belum keluarkan any real statement . Tapi kita ni , menjadi pahlawan keyboard - retweet tanpa source , bagi kenyataan sebab nak gain retweets and attentions. Its bad y'know? 

This evening , I saw a worst tweet of all ignorants Malaysian. 

Untuk apa ke Beijing? Buat maksiat? Allah saje yg tahu niat penumpang MH370 .Mati dalam keadaan mengerikan. Subhanallah allahuakbar.

Source _ burung biru. 

Okay now lets see whats wrong with the status? First to me , her accusation could be a slander. How can she generalize everyone inside the plane niat semua nak buat maksiat. Half of the passengers were Chinese - nak balik negara masing masing balik - nak mengeratkan silaturahim sesama keluarga , some inside were going there for the purpose of working. Ada tu pergi sebab nak honeymoon - appreciating the nature itself. I was so sad to see this kind of tweet come from a Malaysian. A girl. She may wanted to sound noble by adding Subhanallah and Allahuakbar , but to me she's not. A real muslim don't do things like this. Irony when you're giving a slander statement when you add up some 'religion' lexical choice of words inside the sentences . 

She breaks many heart including mine - sebab aku rasa when this kind of thing of happen , everyone shall stay positive - don't speculate things - don't add up any bitter words / don't talk when you don't feel the need - when you can't sooth don't hurt. Lets just say she have a relative inside the plane - then aku bagi statement macam tu , sedangkan kau tahu relative kau dalam tu niat dia nak pergi berkerja . Sakit kan tuduhan kau ni ? Sadly how common sense is not common inside the society. Pastu lagi sedih bila ada orang tegur dia - she was very firm that she was right with her words. Yeah , inside the 360' degrees of opinions , I guess hers is at the 361'.

Adik , moga diberikan hidayah. 

Tu belum yang politicize every single thing happen. With " Ini kerajaan zalim " " Ini BN " " Ini PKR ". How can a human like you can even breathe having such mind? Heh? 

Deep down , I am hoping that MH370 is safe - though the possibilities seems so low at this hour. But I know the authorities were doing their best with the infos and the search. I would rather wait than receiving false alarm. My prayers and thoughts are with the passengers and their relatives. I know its never easy to stay strong when people ask you to do so. But somehow , saying Stay Strong is the only thing that the societies able to say to deliver and share the strength. Despite distances - the whole world is praying for the best. I know if the people surround suffers , the people inside the plane suffers even more - hows the food. Are they good. Hows the babies. Hows the people inside it. 

Stay strong people , the rescuers were doing their best to save you guys. If you're meant to stay alive , you will. The whole world is praying and wishing for the best. Allah , He has the blessings and loves , Moga semua dalam jagaan Dia. Have mercy O Allah. Save them. I know its seems hard at this hour but I believe in You. Ease them through . Ease them through.

Ditch down your phones for a while - pray in reality. 

Malaysian , stop being plain ignorant with your words, thoughts and action. Stop being so forceful towards the authorities for the information. Its not like you're searching something inside a fish pond to expect such fast infos to appear. Patience is virtue. Being ignorant , it may be bliss at some points , but ignorance as a whole is not a total bliss. 

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