The week and the wishlists.

It was two days ago I badly wanted to write about my clumsiness during the school days as the memories keep replaying inside the brain and my google chrome was not functioning very well which later affect the other browsers , I was really pissed off.

It has been such a rough week at the beginning. We haven't met weekend najwa Ha Ha Ha. 

So one of my wishlists to be accomplished while I am here in Intec is to spend a day in the water park. When I first say it to my circle of friends - they were not really interested with this kind of idea. I mean a woman age almost 20 because I am 19 * peace * sounds too matured for kiddos stuff like playing at the water park. So they said , they'll give a company ( tak mandi tengok je ) 

That was. Not really fun perhaps. So I accidentally tell my housemates regarding my wishlist about last 2 3 weeks * while we're busy with our trial examination * and my housemate ( specifically my roommate Nabila said YES! - I want to join you - then I know we're roommates for many reasons and I am so glad kah kah ) . Dia macam random at first - when I told her yesterday 

7 pm
N Esok kita nak pi waterpark. * excited sendiri *
N Oh esok kita nak puasa. Najwa pergi sorang?
N Aaah sorang ( sadly this girl sounds so pathethic kah kah nak pi main air sensorang )
N Eh kita postpone aaa puasa. Kita join najwa ( excited bersama ) 

Well obviously this is not a real transcript oh god. Haha. 

10 pm


N Kita sedih nak balik Shah Alam.
N Kita nak pi waterpark esok dengan Nabila yeay yeay. 
N EH NAK IKUT ! ( tak jadi sedih sebab nak balik Shah Alam ) 

So its a housemates trip tanpa Nurul Amirah , my another housemate. And we're the N's Kah kah. Literally I am an A but people call me Najwa. So its Najwa. Nabila. Nureen. Nurul Amirah. Keh keh. 

Info :
  • Venue : Wet World Shah Alam , seksyen 2. ( Last time kita google water park Shah Alam - dekat dengan Mc'D and distance away from PKNS sebab we walk to the PKNS. haha ) 
  • Harga : Dewasa or I guess for whom yang 130's cm dan ke atas kot RM20.00 which I considered berbaloi. 
  • Operation days ; Everyday except for Wednesday - tapi if its public Holiday or school holidays , bukak cam biasa.
  • Pantang larang : no outside food ( Teh chrysanthemum kita kena tahan dekat luar sebab ada bag check cissu) sebab dalam tu monopoly harga maggi cup pun 4 ringgit haih , binatang bebola cucuk cucuk , sebatang 3.50 mari tercekik bersama sama. Ngeh. 
  • Segala macam sewa seperti pelampungs semua ceqq taktahu ceqq tak pakai pelampung. Apungan secara semulajadi hews. 

And thanks hozmatess. Sebab sama sama tick wishlist kita hari ni. I had so much fun bukak mata pedih dalam air berklorin - gelak bersama - usha usha budak baru nak up * eiu gross * haha - main main air - excited tahap tak ingat. Siap dengan seludup masuk nasi goreng berperisa perencah nasi goreng cina msg. Ngoih. 

Meh belanja gambar sikit sat. 

K satu lagi acah acah underwater. 

Part tangan dah tak smart pegang tepi cis. 

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