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October 25, 2014

I was cooking ayam masak lemak cili api for lunch today and I decided to put up on  the blog ( the pictures ) which I hope I do have them in my album , things I've cooked here. 

Rindu Malaysia , rindu nak makan ikan ada ekor dan kepala. They only sell fillets and not fresh seafood I am so sad. 

my very first cook here , first ke second day masuk rumah - Kubis masak lemak and sambal telur and fish fillet keras because we haven't figured how the oven worked last time
basically I only did that ayam masak kicap , rujuk yang hitam itu haha and the cheese potato , days yang kenkonon nak makan teobuki tah camne nak eja , tu yang sampai letak pan atas meja haha 

our housewarming party - cooked the main dishes , nasi ayam dan kawan kawan ( ayam order lols ) and spagethi ala ala goreng melayu aicewahs haha

my housemate did the triffles yummayyhhh
grilled lamb daging kurban Malaysian Society Cardiff - make the mushroom gravy and the mashed potato , marinated the lamb for two days and this is what I crave most ( among all my cookings haha )

this might be the reason why I am writing this! I cooked masak lemak cili api , which apinya kurang sebab I can't really go with very spicy things and kubis goreng tak figure apa nama haha. 
tomyam sayur sebab nak habiskan banyak sayur + ikan bilis goreng with the onions and cili padi. 
ni kambing tadi gambar zoom out ahahhahahha.

days I found myself so lazyi and I have lots of things to be done , here you go , porridge. 

well I only got the vibe of into cooking during weekends , weekdays biasa tibai je nuttella and bananas , strawberries and milks , doritos * read nachos * and yeah maggi kari pecah telur. Sarapan kalau rajin sikit there's telur separuh masak , wrap with serunding and cheese. Tapi tu kalau rajin which rajin only appear once in a bluemoon , overtimes it would be kimis pack kecik luls makan sambil tunggu kelas start.

adios. My menu is boring.

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