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October 18, 2014

How is it even possible that your words fascinates a subject when you found none of them able to lift you up when you hit the bottom. Like how even its possible for you to give love advises when you're not actually committing in one. 

bought myself two cactus because I miss having a creature to be pet(ed) ? haha.

This girl had been trying to write something sounds like a human being here , a normal human being who're ( supposedly ) attached to a thing called emotion because I found myself struggling with ONLY notes and books abandoning my what-the-heart-supposed-to-feel maybe in Malaysia haha . And if someone out of nowhere and randomly ask What You've Been Doing These Days? I wonder how lame my answer could be.

This bachelor here is browsing some random people's profiles and going through random people's tweets and get envy with their life and she's grieving in sadness  because she's not experiencing the ' fun ' life that other people had been living. Why is that even possible for a human to see wonderful things happening in someone's else life when wonderful things ARE happening in their life ( which they can't see it but others do _? ) I guess it always worked that way. GRATEFUL is not merely a word dearself , its an action. Supposed to be practiced. Be grateful.

It was the other I bought a box of soya from a store nearby , because I always think soya is a drink made out of love and care , why? Because when I was walking through the night market browsing what drink shall I buy which most of them were made out of cordials and soya does not have cordials so that people need to start from the beans itself ( maybe a long way process ) to turn it into a drink. So I guess , that's love? Just because it starts from the very stretch , and with the absence of cordials? Am I dead serious with this kind of theory. Well. Yes. Back to the story of the soya I bought from the store - I was excited because I picked a perfect box ( they only have two in store which I don't understand why and one of boxes kinda messed up - and I barely see soya here in Cardiff which I am not clear why again ) .

 I was excited. 
I opened the box.
 I drink it. 

It saddened me when it taste like hell crap what I'm drinking here. 

' Unsweetened ' labelled on the box really clear . 


My housemate bought me a box of another soya. This time around it tasted like milk. No I'm sick of milk. I want soya. 

There you go my sad story of a box of soya. 

Things excites you. They just hit you when it does not taste / feel the same. Gahh I miss pasar malam. How is this even related. 

Like how I was fascinated when I saw a meat pie in a fish bar restaurant. And I was looking through the price lists seeking for the price for the pie but it shows no sign it exist on the board. " Sir , how much does the pie cost? " 

" Oh sorry dear , its not halal " sad meat pie story. 

Like how I offered a cut of apple in the middle of the city. Eh hello not another set of Snow White story. " Would you like to taste the apple my love? " well I am quoting the exact words he said. Well free stuff , and its for my love , why not? Bahahahahaha rolling on the floor. I end up buying two of them , since I haven't registered my GP ( read doctor ) well you can ask me what I've been doing for the past weeks . I need to keep the doctors away , with apples. And found myself barely biting the two apples as I have sensitive teeth ( its cold here and my apples were affected ) and it just don't taste the same like what I tasted at the store. I cry. 

in case if you're wondering whether I fall for his love trap , no crap , I don't.

It was the other day a Bangladeshi who appear to live in Malaysia for quite some time , and he's working at the Chicken Cottage , he asked me , what is " Aku cinta kau " in English and I straightly say " I love you " and he goes " You love me? " and he's like telling it to his colleague that I don't mention " IT MEANS i love you " and I swear to God I feel like punching his face , well thanks to my very good mood on that day , I let the I love you jokes slips away. 

This Lazada keep sending me emails promoting offers , I loathe shopping once but I bet the climate change the preference. I love to shop here. LIKE WHATS WRONG WITH MYSELF I don't know. I keep saying that I don't need this when I was passing by the stores in the city and one second I found myself browsing through the online shops. And my bank cards kinda screaming out loud " Use Me " virtually I supposed ( creepy ) . 

Enjoyed ( wasted ) hours putting stuff in the trolley convincing myself that I need those when I only WANT not NEED EM and I click the ' X ' button - you don't need this. No you don't . 

Like I may say I need a boyfriend. No I don't , at least for now.

But I need one. No you don't. 
Daunted by the memories of the Chicken Cottage uncle
You better go shopping najwa. Haha. 

Pig laugh. 
Literally pig ( toy ) laughing. 

this is like so hillarious ( posted it on instagram week before haha ) 

My randomness.

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