Affected ke tuuuuu

January 09, 2017

Sejujurnya tak ilmiah langsung kot post ni , not that the earlier posts are ilmiah enough but I must say this one doesn't worth your time reading in case you plan on continuing to read , as this is merely something that came across my mind and I feel like jotting it down , coz you know we woman tend to change our mind ( most of the time ) ( for certain aspects ) ( not all I must clarify ) ( menegakkan basahnya benang haha ) in split seconds. One moment we thought we firmly hold a stand , one second we're in doubt thinking ( about the possibilities ) ( circumstances ) basically we women are that complex hahhh or its just me

Yknow these days when we scrolled the timelines be it facebook or instagram , usually the instagram with all the stories ongoing , I tend to awwww ( or stop the stories from changing when it comes to married couple , #iShip acah dia. Not to mention sometimes when I saw people putting relationship as the main aim in their life , I'll be like 'why you're putting your worth , or why you define your happiness based on relationship ' I'm not into feminism debate but as for now , I'm in no real force , neither do I want to start any relationship , thinking about the size ( first ) , I'm being pessimistic , and at the same time realistic rather than optimistic in this matter ) and the responsibilities tagged along beneath it.

So whenever somebody showed or talked about marriage these days , its just something I am not really into at. It doesn't excites me as it does in the past years.

But as I was scrolling the timeline today , I saw my schoolmates , I guess they're together but never heard about them during school days , #andhere'soneexcitedmakcikwhenitcomestoSelandarcouples hahaaaaa I envied them of course. And started to give thoughts on the matter I ignored.

But as I'm writing this , it kinda neutral back the feelings and I'm feeling okay.

Affected la tapi kejap je. Takpe , sangka yang baik baik pada timeline yang Allah atur.

Nak suruh diri sendiri sabar ( implied saying of tunggu and doing nothing but my usrahmate shared last time yang sabar ni shouldn't be benda yang passive , its a verb with positive act attached to it )

Contoh dia share yang a woman abused by the husband seeks for help from a ustazah then ustazah tu reply ' Hang sabaq naa ' ( Be patient - dalam erti kata lain kau sabar banyak banyak doa suami kau berubah dan *masih dipukul* )  , that sounds so wrong kot , sabar perempuan tu tadi patut disertai dengan usaha report pada polis ke , usaha doa of course. In conclusion dia bukan benda passive. Tu je point dia. Harapnya kau yang baca ni sampai habis tak peninglah aku campur bahasa melayu bahasa inggeris.

Ini bukan masalah MELAYU , ini masalah mentality. Mentality shouldn't be racism. Shouldn't it?

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