Let us be the inheritor of the paradise :')

January 28, 2017

So I'm good to go for the second daurah national in Ireland ! packed a survival kit containing a packet of peanuts , two sachet of medicines since my stomach gets grumpy every time I'm travelling and some biscoff 

( I swear they're soooo good , but later I realized they are more on the sweet side , had to dunk it into the milk to make it taste , less sweet * justified reasoning ey? * )

but nearly forgot the most essential thing - P A S S P O R T hahahahhahhaa you read me well , its the passport I forgot to pack ( nearly fainted ) ( no I'm not ) ( never know how fainted felt like ha ha ) 

We'll be quite late though , missed a slot of Tafsir Surah Ghafir I guess but perhaps that's best Allah is planning for me , I tried to change the ticket when I realized tutorials for second semester ( ehems last ) started with odd weeks which means I don't have trust tutorials at 4 on Friday * indirectly mean that I can go to Ireland a day earlier * . 

But its wayyyy too expensive , and perhaps as my naqibah ( kakak usrah ) said earlier 

Mungkin tarbiyah Allah tu pada perjalanan tu sendiri. 

Lets pray for the journey to be eased insyaAllah. At the very least , my heart will be at ease insyaAllah. 

My parents and my brothers flew off to Brunei today for my cousin's wedding. The first in the cousins line to get married alhamdulillah. Barakallahufik Kak Tira and husband :)

Today marks the 4th day of my 1 day 1 pastyear question project , alhamdulillah did my fourth set of question and answers today. Did all four modules to be fair to all of them , basically grasping back the feeling and its a bit rusty kick start , but progressing well insyaAllah :) 

what's wrong with your mind gurl? Are you serious? 2015? hahaha * I just realized it today tho

Living retrospectively haha

Once in the past , I don't exactly remember but I guess somewhere in December last year when an ustaz questioned 

What is the sign that what you're doing is accepted by Allah ? ( good deeds ) 

There are perhaps many answers to it but he said one of it is

' You're doing it consistently ' ' Be it a small one , its what you do consistently , perhaps from day to day '

At that time I was in the middle of my khatam second year projection , 2 pages a day after maghrib ( the compulsory one ) - and fair enough to say that I could do better actually , but I stay with the initial plan which to do 2 pages a day and it become one of the thing I'm looking forward to do in one day , and that words really sooth me knowing that Allah is pleased with me by allowing me to do it , slowly day to day. 

Its quite late than I expected but finished the projection on 15th November last year. Alhamdulillah. That's one of the intimate feeling I can never express , how pages by pages make me ponder upon His revelation. 

So later I think the application of the phrase 'what' you're doing is accepted by Allah' is not a magic thing that comes without an effort , 

In the context of the 1 day 1 pastyear , on the third day I was really contemplating - I was really tired , 3 classes and a tutorial back to back ( having more than two law classes in a day is a bit , tiring haha ) and I had usrah at 8.00 pm ( the usual time I aimed to do the past year ) , I'm in need of a short break ( a nap at least ) 

but this thought kept running inside my mind

You want to make this effort as something Allah pleased with , 

( You get what I am trying to say here ? ) 

indirectly saying I need to do this consistently ,  I need to make an effort , I left my bed , went for a shower and alhamdulillah finished the third set after an hour , minutes before usrah started . 

It goes both ways,  

signs that deeds  are accepted  is , you're doing it consistently - it can also be by you trying your best to do it consistently , your deeds insyaAllah will be accepted. 

 Allah , be pleased with my very small effort , I know that later what you give may not be correlated with my effort but at the very least , I know I'm trying my best for this. #roadtograduation insyaAllah. 

Yesterday , in the virtual circle of hangouts ( ceh ) we discussed about Prophet Ibrahim , I'm attracted with the reflection shared by my kakak naqibah when she said , there's so many things that we can learn from this man , 

if we go through his journey , he's a person that always put others first in his prayers , while he was building the Kaabah ( while doing something , he pray in the process of building Kaabah , he don't wait till Kaabah is completed  ) 

he prays to Allah that the people of Makkah at that time will be among the people that worship Allah and rewarded with eternal happiness ( the paradise ) 

but later Allah replies no , not everyone will be there in the paradise , only those who worship Him will . Then Nabi Ibrahim prays again that the people surround him will be rewarded with the rewarding ending , and Allah grants his wishes , his son Nabi Ismail is one of the person we all know , will be there with his father in the heaven insyaAllah. 

and the most important point is he put Allah as his utmost priority. 

This man here longs for a son , for such a long time , but later when Allah ordered him to slaughter his son to worship Allah , he follows Allah order. Imagine as a human being , how devastated he might be , something that he's been waiting for years , suddenly Allah ordered him to do so . But he did it without hesitation. 

How admirable :')

Prophet Ibrahim , 

the one in our daily prayers , you're someone I long to see in the heaven insyaAllah. Along with Prophet Muhammad and his companions , 

but I know it won't be a reality if I don't try my best isn't it? 

As mentioned in Surah Al Mukminun Chapter 23 Verse  from verse 1 till ( specifically verse10 - 11 ) 

And among the successful people ( characterized in Verse 1-9 ) they're the inheritors , that will inherit Al- Firdaus ( the highest jannah ) They will abide in therein eternally. 

it basically says that you already in line and you just have to be among the successful people and voila its yours ! take and enjoy it !

make me one of the qualified inheritors insyaAllah. 

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