And He found you lost and guided [you]

January 25, 2017

Each time when I remove whatever kind of headset I'm wearing ( headphone / earphone ) while I'm doing something ( studying etc while hearing to studying concentration musics , which I've used the same one since alevels in INTEC YEA YOU READ ME PEOPLE , from intec days ) the world become so quiet , and somehow empty. 

And it feels good that way. Am I the weird one here heh? 

The music btw , my brain had automatically recognized the music , whenever I'm hearing to it , I know I'm in a serious ( studying mode ).  There are many of them to be chosen from the never ending lists on youtube , and I've tried many but I prefer this one , here's the link if you're wondering which one I'm hearing to now.  

I don't know whether I ever said it here , I'm someone who don't allow myself to be defeated by ( naturally ) distracting things such as phones and the applications in it. That may be the reason why I don't do the ' uninstall relevant applications - install back later after exam whatsoever ' , because I had that mindset that if I uninstall the twitter , or instagram you name one , I'm (figuratively ) defeated by a mere apps . 

So I'm such a pro of putting away my phone from distracting me , at least within the time I allocated for one session of serious-matter-time ( a.ka studying for now , the most serious thing ever happening in my life at the moment ha ha ha ) 

So as kiasu as I may sound above , I'm currently setting a final-exam mode , if I have a button with a label on it , it will be FINAL-MODE ON ! 

I know that its so messy but I always love the idea of having a messy table , its a sign

that I'm actually studying ha ha ha my bad 

Since year one , I started my final-exam mode somewhere after the spring break. Which is not so wise of me , but managed to survive , while half flying colours results ha ha. But I guess , I have to be different for my final kick. 

Actually I've been planning to start since the start of the term , last year , but I gave myself excuses such as I'm juggling ( enough ) with my tutorials going on. Lame excuses I know. 

But better late than never aite? 

Following the aspirations of the Malaysian prime minister Dato Seri Najib , aicewah , who goes everywhere using 1 Malaysia 1 ( fill in the blank ) , I plan to have 1 Day 1 Past year question ! with at least 1 hour spent for just this session. Impliedly saying tutorials are not included in this 1 Day 1 Past year question . ( had to add another hour at least for quarter of a tutorial ) ( Cry me a river yiruma ) 

see see there !
I figured that my brain cells on revision sides ( not sure the left or the right brain , or whatever cells are connecting ) works best with past years questions. I hardly focuses on going-nowhere kind of textbook readings . At least by doing past year questions , if I happened to open the mega law textbook(S) , it will be somehow guided and focused. I think so . 

In case you're reading through the line , I hope you find your best method of studying , or you can use mine ( I'm pretty sure its not mine but shared by the whole universe haha ) method. 

Pray for me , I'm in need of your prayers , so that this momentum won't go down , at least for another six months to go. Let's do this !

I realized that I miss talking about studying !  it actually reminds me of my A-levels days , 

good old days , sitting at the benches gossiping about K-pop artist I hardly differentiate ( till now ) while eating foods from the night market - till late night overtimes warned by the guard when its curfew. What a memory 😊

I treasured my A-levels days gahhhh ( currently imagining that I'm on a fluffy bed surrounded by rainbows and sparkly unicorn hahah ) ( do you guys played Minions anyway? You know that feeling when you hit a unicorn and you ride it to collect the bananas? that feeling exactly haha ) ( geddit please ) 

Talking about games , I recently played quite a few games in my MiPad at my friend's house while waiting for the dinner to be served ( don't get me wrong , I'm the guest here so they won't give a chance to you to be at the kitchen haha ) , and someone commented 

Najwa , you actually played games? I thought you're that serious type of people ( who're not into games ) 

I am taking that as a compliment. I looked maturer on the outside isn't it 😏

Oh anyway the sponsor emailed us  this morning saying that the allowance for next month ( February till April ) will be credited at the end of next month ( end of February ) , I kinda expect it to happen as I checked the portal earlier. And of course I was taken aback ( for few seconds ) but later I found myself to be at ease with such trials. 

Maybe the thought of Dhuha calms me,  ( Chapter 93 , verse 8 specifically , but might as well be the whole content of the chapter itself ) 

By the morning brightness 
And [by] the night when it covers with darkness 
Your Lord has not taken leave of you, 
[O Muhammad], nor has He detested [you]. 
And the Hereafter is better for you than the first [life]. 
And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied. 
Did He not find you an orphan and give [you] refuge? 
And He found you lost and guided [you],  
93:8 And He found you poor and made [you] self-sufficient.  
So as for the orphan, do not oppress [him] 
And as for the petitioner, do not repel [him]

He is the one who hold the affairs and may He make everything I , we have now suffice . I guess this is the magic Dhuha have , the sense of tranquillity its offering , because beneath the chapter is the story of Allah consoling Prophet Muhammad after a suspension of revelation of Quran that cause him to be in grieved and deeply distressed. Its a comforting words that came from the Al Mighty ( nicely written information regarding the surah - here have a read )

Lets do Dhuha everyday too ( reminder for myself * red reminder * ) ,

maybe rezeki yang Allah nak bagi bukan in the form of money / allowance for now ,
mungkin kecukupan pada makanan yang sikit ,
mungkin keberkatan pada wang yang makin lama makin sikit ,
mungkin juga jiran jalan Treherbert bagi makanan free ,

atau mungkin juga makanan free dari Pak Din. Like who knows? ha ha Pak Din mohon baca ni 

Lets husnuzhon  ( both your thoughts and actions , get yourself together ) 

Toughen up Anis Najwa , you can definitely do this ! 

p/s I just watched Age of Youth , which were aired last year , the 12 episodes are so good , not draggy , on point and so many points to be extracted , the values , the reality hits , all in all a 5 star drama I recommend ! ( you can relate everything , later if I'm in the mood , I'll write up about that , no its not a promise haha ) 

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