Poland and things I had in mind.

January 18, 2017

I've been wanting to write for so long , but I am just too lazy to do almost anything. Been lying on the bed , doing everything from the bed (or within the radius of the bed ) when my head kept repeating the verse of Surah Insyirah , Chapter 94 verse 7 

“So when you have finished (with your immediate task), still strive hard, (then toil),"

Basically it says ' When you're finished with something , keep striving for the next thing after that ' I think best to be repeated in Malay , since my brain works best with its first language haha 

Bila selesai satu urusan , tetaplah bekerja keras untuk urusan lain

Well usually this verse strikes like a lightning bolt when I'm in the middle of exam days , where usually I ( or I can say we ) will opt for a day off ( dayS off to be exact ) , well anyway lets just hope I will start with something , perhaps my EU Tutorial. 

e w w w w

So I just came back from Poland , secured myself a clearly seen bruise as if I got into a fight when I was in Warsaw. I walked so fast and was really taken back when I hit the glass door , and obviously my head went a little bit further than my body does , and tadada now I looked like a panda , I never had this eye bags but its seems like I'm having one now , but according to google , the colour of the bruise now is the sign of recovering. I did my research earlier , and it says that I need to go and see the doctor if the bruise is near my eyes ( basically its my eyes , near is not even a word to describe it )


I never registered myself for a GP ( bazir kan manusia ni ) , checked the inner eye myself , my sight is okay alhamdulillah , and all is good , all is good. Pray for my fast recovery insyaAllah , its just not pleasing walking around with this swollen eyes ( but it got into its shape now , just the color ,  a bit odd ) haha 

But Poland was indeed a very good and pleasing trip. I experienced snow , ( many bus rides ) and not to mention ripped off twice by local taxi drivers in Warsaw. The first day is admissible , since its our first time and we don't really know the rate back then , not to mention we're loaded ( loaded enough alhamdulillah since the Poland currency (Polish Zloty ) was almost similar to Malaysian Ringgit ) , 71 pln sounds logic for a nearly midnight ride to our akhawat's house in Warsaw.

I don't know if you're reading this but thank you Syaza and housemates , we never really met each other in real life before I went to Warsaw  , but the warmth you offered on our first night in Poland was something I treasured inside my life. May Allah repay your kindness in any ways you could be repaid. 

but later on our last day , 90 pln for a less than 10 minutes taxi ride in a daylight was just really absurd. To the point , I can only laugh thinking how absurd it was. Can't be bothered anymore. But I guess that's how Allah directly reminds us that when you're blessed with something

( tadi hang cakap hang kaya kannnn , meh Aku coba sikit hang ni ) * insert cobaan * 😏

 you must not be boastful ( even sebenarnya kitaorang cuma boastful sesama sendiri cam buat lawak jaaa haha - between me and Nadilah )

lesson learnt alhamdulillah.

We're literally left with just cents to survive and alhamdulillah there's not much fuss to draw out the money from the ATM ( just looking for the wi-Fi since we need to transfer the money from the saving account to the current account ) 

And I tried skiing ! in the white beautiful Zakopane. Zakopane is so white , snow fell heavily the second day we're in Zakopane. It was a nice torturing experience. I had made a serious vow ( which I kept to myself for now ) due to this torturing skiing. Managed to ski well without falling down , alhamdulillah , which favours of the Lord would I deny then? 

What I loved most about Polska ( another name for Poland ) , is Krakow and the people. They're just so kind. I think unlike in the UK , Poland people haven't really familiarised themselves with people that wears hijab , I think so ( due to the limited access to halal foods , but they have fantastic halal foods restaurant , EFES Kebab - I will forever savour the taste of cheap mouthful kebab of yours )

The people are so helpful , 😻😻 when we were looking around for our accommodation and none of our phones can do the roaming , we had to go with the traditional way which to ask around , some even stops and see what they can do to help , they showed the way , they searched for it online , I can say we're truly blessed during our stay in Krakow. 😄

I remembered our last taxi ride in Krakow , from the hostel to the bus station , the taxi driver shared about people came to Krakow not only for its building , but also for its positivity , ak.a meditation . Krakow was build on a positive energy land which explains why most of the buildings stands strongly and never demolished by the Nazi's unlike in Warsaw , which everything was rebuild again after the war. So they're not that 'old' to begin with. You can really tell through the people , because they're warmer than other people we meet in Zakopane/Warsaw. 

Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah for the opportunity to signify the beauty of the white thing that falls off from the sky. And special thanks to my travelling partner - Nadilah Norizam , I know my housemates won't read this , ever haha. For tolerating many sides of me , and redha je dengan apa jua yang berlaku , may Allah repay your patience with a glorious house in jannah insyaAllah. 

And I've been thinking these days , about the measurement of happiness , how cancerous it may be when one can't define or put an indicator to their own happiness. Because when you don't have a personalized measurement , you will definitely take other's life as your indicator , and felt that you're perhaps not happy at all .

Like if we put our happiness on Vivy's life for example ( that's the nearest I could think about , or mostly envied by ) , at my stage of life , looking at a successful beautiful business woman with a handsome husband blessed with two children , I'm definitely lagging in many sense and shall be thrown inside the hole of depression. Her life as portrayed on the social medias ( lets put aside the struggle she went through to be at her position now ) , can be a driving force but really not a measurement of happiness of your life. 

This is not a comforting words for myself to stay stagnant and be at ease in whatever stage I am in , but a safeguard for me to be grateful to Allah for everything I'm blessed with in my life. Because if I failed to build this safeguard , I'll keep questioning why haven't He give me a man like He give to others ? and the lists of questions might takes forever to be answered and pondered upon. 

And I had this thought inside my head , ( another thought ) that I've been ditching so many people inside my life , by not making effort to say hi or establishing any kind of conversation. My bad. My bad. Takpelah , may later I'll just do it without putting much consideration in it. Lets face that awkward moments again and again.

Berapa banyaklah alasan sebenarnya nak bagi dekat diri sendiri Anis Najwa , so that you're comfortable enough to be lying on your comfort zone when you know its just plain wrong to keep ignoring.

I've uploaded plenty of pictures of Instagram , but lets pick two best haha. 

before the torture begins. I wear layers that day , so its quite cozy and hot on the inside while my face and hand is freezing haha. 

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