January 19, 2017

Sebenarnya dari pagi tadi nak tulis sesuatu , tapi by the time I sat down in front of the laptop , the gist of the stories flew away , vanished in the thin air. 


I've been loving it so far , the template for the blog. Nice and clean. Just like how I wish it to look like. 

This week is such a drama I tell you

Our boiler was making a very loud sound , its similar to the construction sound , I wonder if the neighbours got really pissed off by the house , not to mention the fire alarm making its first debut in the house today . Just because of a piece of omelette sitting on the frying pan. Barely cooked.

 I AM SZO DONE BURY ME IN MY DUVET. ( alasan untuk bergolek selamanya haha ) 

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