Blessings in Cardiff #ChapterOne

March 26, 2017

Just got back from BBQ Perdana by Malaysian Students' Community Cardiff (MCC) , its held annually but I don't think I was around last year ( I guess I've paid the fees but I am perhaps too lazy to walk to the BBQ ) , but since this is my last year here, I think this is one of the best time to mingle around and savouring all the good foods and warmness Malaysian had to offer. 

But I came home earlier than anyone else as I was looking for a toilet and performing zuhur as well and my adik usrah called me earlier ' Kak Najwaaaa group kita menangggg ! ' excitedly haha ( I was excited too okay , but I was on video call with my mom , aunt and my grandmother, so I need to hide my excitement haha ) 

Yes , we played games in groups just now. There's me , half of my khawlah ( Alyssa, Fatin, Farhana ) as Hasni in charge of taking unofficial photos , while Afiza in the other group , along with Mira and Nadilah in the group. We played TV rosak ( I just realized I am bad with acting haha what happened to my imagination whyyy T.T ) and photo-vangers? 

haha I am not sure what was the name for the second name , but basically they gave us like 9 list of descriptions , so we need to re-enact those in pictures? There's love triangle, showing S, superhuman, 30 seconds of commercial shots, unity ( we did hakka pose haha ) , and many more I couldn't recall. 

The girls are super excited to do all the shots , so I need to keep up with the excitement with ideas haha. 

And looking at them , I know I am indeed blessed with their existence in my life. 

Love triangle ha ha ha 


When it comes to groupings , I guess generally its either we got a very lay back group , seeing the tasks as petty task or either a very energetic group ( so you have the force to be energetic as well ) , I remembered vividly my group for BTN and PMS 2016 , was a very energetic group and the fact that I can still reminisce the positive energy flowing , and this random group definitely made my day.

* * * 
( pause tulis sebab tengok Train to Busan jap pastu emo dengan Dila haha ) 

The reason why this post exist at the first place is actually an appreciation post for my Khawlah dearies. Since the first meet , it still give me chills knowing that I'll be taking care of these girls for this academic year, (one to keep the impression that Haifa left , their previous kakak usrah , my usrahmate last year) and I know each of them had this strong personality , and that makes me feel insecure. 

But its always true though , tak kenal maka tak cinta. 

I would love them to know how happy I am each time we gathered , they excitedly commits to whatever activities I planned for them. You can really tell the difference between just accepting / happily accepting. These girls loves akhbar islami a lot , and they do put thoughts in what they shared , and I am forever grateful for the chance Allah gave me to be with them. 

Mari mendewasa bersama. I wish one day we could gather in the paradise, let us be the witness for every deeds and talks we had in the world , that once in my journey , I met such lovely people with very good hearts. 

You guys making it harder for me to leave Cardiff. :'(

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