March 09, 2017

On random days where people sent you little notes,

Your blog is inspiring. 

And sometimes our stories , yours and mine could be similar , could inspire anyone , and perhaps by a slightest difference , I put them into words. Nevertheless you being kind with your words, are inspiring at the same time. 

I've met many people through this medium which I am so glad for. Many good people with good hearts. Which I may not be as warm as my words do , sometimes colder than the PMS Cardiff's weather gets , which I admit to that , and sorry for acting such way. But best for you to know , I am grateful for ways the fate was and is about to be written down. 

May this be one of the thing Allah is pleased with. Just my tiniest effort to make the world a better place and even more, the hereafter is worth the chase.

Behind the scene,
Anis Najwa Nazari

Ireland - January 2016

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