Mutabaah Amal

March 29, 2017

I am reminded on how sensitive I can be when it comes to a very selective wordings that only specific group of people with certain level of knowledge would understand , like why don't you use a simpler version so the wisdom of it can be shared to everyone , but later I learned some words are best to be described by its own language , I mean same goes to other languages, like how oppa/orabi ( I am not so sure how it's spelled , which both means 'abang' but in different context and usage. 

So mutabaah amal is basically a check list of your list to do in a day/ week , it mainly focuses on ibadah wise that you want to achieve/forcing yourself to achieve it,  but it can be more than that , like sometimes we can list things like 'call parents once in a week / day' well it really depends. It basically to discipline yourself till it becomes a part of your habit / your life. 

You can construct it yourself , while my general mutabaah amal were discussed among me and my usrahmates , 

For now ,

Tilawah 4 pages a day 
Puasa 1 time a month 
Dhuha 2 times a day 
Qiyam 1 time a week 
Solat sunat rawatib ( either before or after ) 1 time a day 
Infaq 1 pound a week 
Hafazan 1 ayat a week 

which all of them is the minimum level of it , you can definitely do more , personalized it for yourself and it can be detailed as possible. 

and today I am focusing on the ibadah wise. 

I make puasa once a week for myself as a matter of training for patience. Tomorrow its already Rejab and why not start fasting together, to prepare ourselves for Ramadhan? which is less than two months now. 

Fasting once in a week was my set up mutabaah amal by my usrahmate/kakak usrah last year but it was really hard for me last year , you can tell each time we checked through everyone's mutabaah amal , I was perhaps the worst in the group, who fails to take care of my own list of amal 😢

And as for Dhuha too , I try to do it once a day, and its a real struggle too. 

Mutabaah amal should not be just between you and your kakak usrah , its not a mere list you chase and ticked. Its about training yourself , which what we called 'tarbiyah dzatiyah' , training for you personally . The inner you. 

I think the first time I formally heard about the 'tarbiyah dzatiyah' was from my housemate Ajlaa during the tazkirah session. And recently I heard it during the recent tazkirah ( by Ajlaa as well ) for the juniors a night before a programme held at the local mosque. 

And for me, when there is something , I mean the same thing being reminded again and again whether directly/indirectly to me, it means there must be something about it that I need to take care of. 

I am lacking in many sense especially dealing with my patience and laziness. It includes all the bad feelings and thoughts I had inside me, overtimes what's happening inside me doesn't aligned with what I say to people and it makes me feel so bad, as if you're among the one who never walk her own talk. 

So I am in need of something to self control myself. 

Which to educate myself through the list of the mutabaah amal, fasting is to test you with patience and to be empathy to others and infaq is for you to realize that there's someone's else rezeki in your rezeki.  

No matter how good you were with your words, your relation with your friends/ or with anyone else, you always need to go and recheck again and again your relationship with the Al Mighty. Set of mutabaah amal is in a way to give you a private time with Him , even actually a private time/space for yourself, its a matter of polishing up your qualities spiritually and it can be physically too. 

On the outside , we may choose , I may pick and choose and show what I wished to show to the outside world but on the inside we may not want to see ourselves as empty vessels that makes the most noises. 

and after all , we are going to deal the hereafter on our own, and the world is the place for us to prepare for the best to be presented later and mutabaah amal is one of the way for you to take care of own selves. Just like how you list things to be done in a day / week or even months before. 

Set your own mutabaah amal , start small , it can be the things you're currently doing , 

example : Solat ( at the earliest time possible ) , or a page of Quran a day, or call your parents once a day, or even give salam to one stranger each time you went to the city or even one book to be read in a week/month. 

And the best of all is that you do something small consistently.  And do it with the right intention. This is not about showing things off and it doesn't make you a step holier than anybody else. 

Because at the end of the day 

we're the slaves and the aim of our life is for Him to be pleased with us. 

and because we're are too busy keeping up with the world , its time to give yourself a me time.

after all, we insyaAllah among the people who believe there will be a meeting between you and the Al Mighty in the hereafter , and best to prepare ourselves, just like how you're prepared for interviews/ programme during your life time, to go back to the place where you would live eternally we should prepare more insyaAllah ,

as Allah speaks in the last ayat of Kahfi (18: verse 110 )

Say, "I am only a man like you, to whom has been revealed that your god is one God. So whoever would hope for the meeting with his Lord - let him do righteous work and not associate in the worship of his Lord anyone."

lets bloom like the flowers do! 

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