Life ahead me

March 10, 2017

These days with so many jobs applications floating around ( fret not now I am in 'job seeker' phase shoooooooooot me why I am getting so old now ) , I initially had a trouble in figuring out my career prospect. 

sometimes I just want to stay at where I am now , enjoying every bits and pieces of life.

but I know , I can't

I always wanted to work in bank sectors ever since I read about Prof Ahmad Ibrahim , the founding father of Islamic banking in Malaysia - thanks to that thick Malaysian Book of Record at home , its been my forever dream ever since I read about Prof Ahmad's biography. 

And it turns out that most of the companies that offered a graduate training scheme are banks , and we do associate banks with accounting students , as they may be much more advance in knowledge and application wise than we law students do. 

But as I was scheming through the lists of employers that will attend the career fair this upcoming April , my eyes caught Prudential and KWSP. I figured that my interests were drawn towards welfare and employee-employer relationship , and this is very much affected by labour law. I'm thanking Roseanne and Pauline for the deep interest I've drawn towards employment law. 

Despite all these hectic applications going on , constantly updating resumes and checking it again and again , I do have my own goal and career prospect in law specifically. I wanted to do Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) and I am scared that I couldn't cope with the workloads juggling between jobs and CLP alone. It scares me to even think about it , but I think I am desperate to secure a job too since I need to cover the rents / transportation cost if it applies. 

Now everything is so real ( so fast ) , I do hope that I am ready when the time comes. 

And if you're reading this through , I am in need , desperately need your prayers :) 

May Allah reward us accordingly , insyaAllah 

*    *     *

Spent an hour and a half to hear to a sharing about Himmah A'liyaa by makcik akhawat ( I can't catch her name my bad ) just now. 

Himmah A'liyaa is basically directly translated as ' High Spirit , or perhaps I may say High Will' , and the gist of the talk was to discuss about the importance of the role of 'high will' in our life , how it can actually be a driving force for us to move forward and factor that may bring our will , spirit down. 

Best to be translated as well in Malay : Semangat yang tertinggi

I remembered this one time when an ikhwah shared about ' when there's a will , there is a way'

particularly when he said ; 

and giving massive of excuses before doing something shows that you never insert your willingness in doing something , and it can't be a success as at the first place you don't have the will to do it ' 

and makcik adds ' your will must be guided with the right understanding ' sometimes we are so eager to do something , overflowed by energy but you're channelling in for a bad cause , you're not utilising the 'strong will' that you're possessing. 

And one final note ' If we're not equipped with big missions , our life will be filled with this small petty things and that may brings your spirit down' 

and always , always , Cita citakan syurga yang paling tinggi :) 

on the days like this , I will definitely miss how I spent most of my Thursday in my third year , its a day of peace I may say as usually the whole house will puasa sunat and break our fast together, I'll treasure this moment :') . Allah bagi kebaikan banyak banyak please for my kind house mates :')

And one other vivid dream I have now , 

You know , every time when I am writing down something that concerns about faith, dakwah, a reflection from talks or even input from my usrah , 

I have one aim in my mind , which to make everyone that read understand and can relate with their life. ( hence why the definition , because I believed in the importance of definition as it may shaped your understanding ha-ha )

Because I want every single person on earth to feel that matters about religion and dakwah is applicable in everyone's life , no matter what position of knowledge they're currently at and most importantly to benefit from my little thoughts, or other people's thoughts which I put into words for keeping. 

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