With hardship, there is always ease.

March 31, 2017

I find it hardest when it comes to reflecting over sirah in Quran, especially when it revolves around the prophets life. I found it hard sometimes to relate with my life generally. I can even remember the feeling of wanting to finish reading Surah Hud as fast as I can since there's abudance of prophets life story. 

I guess the first prophets' story that enlightens me is the story of Musa a.s , 

Cerita keyakinan ibu Musa yang terpaksa menghanyutkan anaknya setelah mendapat ilham dari Allah. Luluh hati seorang ibu yang baru melahirkan, tapi untuk keselamatan anaknya, Allah ilhamkan pada ibu nabi Musa untuk menghanyutkan Musa di sungai. Yang kalau kita fikir , tak tentu pun anak tu akan lemas/selamat dibawa arus. 

Cerita tentang kelemahan manusiawi Musa yang sangat dekat dengan kita. Aku suka ada satu doa Nabi Musa ni mintak supaya lidah dia dilancarkan dalam menyampaikan kebenaran. Kita sedang berbicara soal Musa yang Allah bagi mukjizat tongkat bertukar menjadi ular, boleh jadi je Nabi Musa lempar tongkat dia, * dan semua orang amazed * tanpa perlu pun beliau untuk berkata kata * sebab apparently Musa seorang yang gagap. Nak kata yang disebalik kekuatan dia yang lain, dia masih meminta Allah untuk bantu dia memperbaiki kelemahan diri dia. 

💕 💕  💕

There's so many things about Musa we can learn about :) But as for today I would love to share about Prophet Yusuf

I guess, if you were about to ask me what's the most popular thing to be attached to Prophet Yusuf , people will be talking about his charm and he's said to be so good looking that Zulaikha and the women in Surah Yusuf were fascinated by his beauty. 

One of the surah that are advised to be practiced / read by pregnant mothers is surah Yusuf. I initially thought the reason why so, is because to have a good looking son/daughter .  But it came to me today , that the meaning of Yusuf itself came from a root word of 'asaf' which means overwhelmed by sorrow. 

And almost the whole content of the surah speaks about the journey of Yusuf a.s , thrown away in a well by his step brothers, then being saved to be put into the prison after the story of Zulaikha and the women who's attracted to Yusuf a.s , and despite being in the prison , he spread the wisdom of the religion to the prisoners , and later became the Minister of Finance of Mesir that time .

The story of his father, Prophet Yaakob ( Jacob) were saddened by the fact that he lost Yusuf. 

all in all, the content of the surah is telling us that everything belongs to Allah. Allah wants to remind us that life in general is not a smooth sailing one and despite the challenges you faced, be like Yusuf and Yaakub that never loose their faith and hopes in Allah. 

After all, WITH hardship, there's always ease. 

Its not AFTER hardship then there's ease. Its WITH. As Allah portrays twice in Surah Insyirah (94) 

And as we speak, we talked earlier about Death. 

I specifically remembered this discussion delivered by Ustaz Muhaimin when he asked the value of a breath? About how we are going to assert value in our life? which makes me realized that perhaps 99% of my life are wasted without values in it. Then he said , give values to your life with zikir , for example 'La illah haillah ha illallah ' which amounts to the world and what's in it . Or with good deeds. 

And as someone who believes in meeting the Al Mighty later , 

should be preparing him/herself , in the best way possible. Be among those who is doing good deeds/ibadah with ehsan ( do it as if Allah is looking at you from every angles ). We might not be among the first forerunners in Islam who fought for Badar, but we can be among those who follows them in a good manner insyaAllah. 

After all , death is reminding us that there's an end to this life. 

for something that definitely have its end , wouldn't it be one of the greatest reminder that we should give our all to prepare for the life after it?

InsyaAllah moga akhirnya pengakhiran yang paling baik insyaAllah 

Husnul Khotimah :)

May we be the witnesses to each other later in the hereafter.

Yang selalu mendoakan , yang selalu memudahkan urusan orang lain, yang meletakkan orang lain dihadapan,

Semoga Allah balas kebaikan kalian selayaknya dan sebaiknya :) * missing Kak Naurah * with my fellow Taman Syurga ameen. 

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