a MONTH already !

August 29, 2017

I don't realize how fast was the clock ticking. Its been a month ( and more I am back home for good ) and for real too. 

Been here and there for different things, from volunteering to meeting best people in my life to attending programs and not to mention, interviews as well. I can't really keep track how many times exactly I'm in Kuala Lumpur for the past 30 days. 

My brother kinda like ' Where are you going this time? '

Regardless of the travelling around part, I tried my best to attend my family members. From visiting to cooking and doing house chores. I enjoyed laundry the most ( to my surprise ) because of the sun. I learnt that the sun and the heat it radiates is one of the greatest blessings in life, since we hang our clothes indoor in the UK. 

I spent most of my week nights accompanying my brother with his homeworks, though I am just there playing with my phone giggling over ge'ef ridiculous and non stop inside jokes. My merely presence seems enough to him, since my PMR knowledge getting rusty inside my brain. 

Secured myself a job alhamdulillah but honestly I am still thinking whether I can juggle between the job and its nature with the professional course I am taking this upcoming September. Its going to be tough on me I know, but I had no choice, I need to embrace this rapid changes in life. 

And there are of course days I wish I am back in the UK, having a laid back days, with cash flows and they said the grass is always greener on the other side.

a friend of mine gave this on my second last day in the UK - haven't got the chance to light this up since I couldn't find the batteries anywhere. Not that I love London as much as I love Cardiff , but I miss the UK in general.

Good old times huh?

Before I came back last time, I always tell myself to not be among those people who compares life here and there, and to move on with whatever phase I am going through, its for me myself to not whine over things , and to accept the reality. 

I have accepted the fact that its not going to be the same any more, tougher living ahead of mine. But I always hope He never leaves me alone, and whole heartedly I have my trust on Him that with each difficulties there is always ease.

anyone who's reading through , pray for me :) please.

On a side note, I got to accept the fact that I'm back to my old skin color ( I got a bit fairer when I am in the UK ) but the reddish cheeks are still there, well it kinda looks good some days, like a bonus for having reddish cheek without applying anything on my face ( someone did actually said to me last time Hey why your face is so red? Heeeeelp me can't help this reddish face )

oh its just me today, if you could see from head to toe, I was literally a fashion disaster.

took whatever scarf that seems representable - with er black shirt with fancy crowns prints and mustard palazo with a polka dot socks? But all I did was the driving part, stepped outside the car only to pick my phone that slips under the seat haha

My brother did all the buying stuff. Of course I am the cash machine blergh

( so not prepared for another law classes ) 

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