One of the best weekend in my life - 13 till 23 #geef

August 20, 2017

I guess I've been drafting this inside my head before I fall asleep through the whole journey from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka 

I fancy the introduction, 

Thirteen till twenty may we last till eternity 

So much love I had for these people in my life that I can be happy, I can be emotional, I can be sad, I can be totally honest about my feelings , I can be bare about anything ! and I can tell whatever things I had in mind and inside my heart.

I have trust issues with people and figuratively built very high walls for people to penetrate in, but to these people I let down my guards and pour my heart out. Maybe not that emotional extent since I don't have much heart-related-motion issues going on for now ( duhhh ) 

Of course its not always that fancy kind relationship all time, in fact we haven't really figured how we be in this circle. But I guess fates intertwined us in a very best way , perhaps even better than what I ever wished for. 

I had a semester fight with Aqila ( of course I'm the one who makes all the first moves, but when it comes to loving someone, initiating - giving - tolerating is never a defeat nor loss though I doubt this stand back in 2014 when we had that long silence ha ha ). Had a love hate relationship with Aireen, never that close but we're in the same class for five years so we kinda like connected but sort like not ha ha. 

And even after 10 years, repeating the same stories over and over again seems totally fine. In fact we do improvise a lot this year, I love how we share about our current update in life, our fears that we always keep to ourselves, future career plan , psst current love life/crush that do crush at the very end either we're putting a halt to the relation - or friend zoned ha ha ha. 

Little meaningful gestures. 

I guess one thing, one small thing that touched me is this one moment ( I shared with the ge'ef already ) is when on Saturday evening we had a chat , like we talked a lot ( we kept two years worth kind of stories to be shared ) , and one of us shared that she had an anxiety when it comes to talking to people. So when we're having our maghrib prayer, we kinda like pushed each other to be the imam ( like always ) and apparently the anxiety-queen was the last person to get ready so we automatically had that idea that 'Hahhh jadi imam' , and we thought its a very good idea for her to overcome her anxiety. 

Of course she refused. And keep repeating herself 'please no' 'nanti aku lupa' but the other girls encouraged her, by saying its okay, you can keep your voice low, we'll help , its okay to forget the surah , and she lead the prayers.

and I don't know but it was really a touching moment for me because we did really take an action to help with her anxiety. 

Like some people may do extreme steps like pushing the person to speak to strangers challenging it to whole new level, but we did it in a very intimate and subtle way ( solat jemaah with the people you love ) 

because we all knew that she need to overcome her anxiety and we're helping her to overcome it, together. 

I'm just so touched with the scene. 

And we had this round table of answering friendship question. I figured out the dreams the girls had in mind, with the confusion of dream is mimpi or dream is impian ( eh gedddd ) , someday we may forgot and ask again, but for now, its really a refreshing meet. We laugh a lot, do stupid puns and do stupid puns again and again , with all the inside jokes only we understand and laugh like there's no tomorrow. 

I'll savour this good feelings, I love how we spent the weekend together, we can totally be in silent while sitting together but I doubt the silence stay long because there's always someone out of the blue breaking the silence. 

These beautiful girls grew up beautifully , they are the same kind person I used to know when we were back in high school in fact kinder, they are the same easily-amused people I used to remember, they are the same person I treasured in my whole life, which are way wiser and maturer. 

( sedih jap ) 

Dear GE'EF

Thank you. For so many things I can never list them down. For patiently tolerating my dark side which I believe there's so many of them. For sincerely laughing for all the out-of-the-blue-random-jokes. 

and I guess thank you for your mere existence, and choosing to stay when you can always leave. 

Thank you Aireen Zuriani binti Ahmad
Thank you Norsahidah binti Abdullah 
Thank you Nurain Syuhadah binti Abdul Rahman 
Thank you Noorliana binti Masri 
Thank you Hannis Sofea binti Johan 
Thank you madu eh ha ha Nurul Aqila binti Mashkuri

To be very fair the name is listed down based on sequence from Kak Long to ex kakak ipar eh eh eh haha 

 Love, the'ann

Here's to a water bottle commercial ha-ha biar LENA dibuai mimpi, jangan jeerling jeerling ( this pun is intended for someone who definitely read this ha ha ha ) 

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