Letting go things that never yours to begin with

August 28, 2017

Moments where you badly misses someone who never miss you in their life, every single time they appeared before your eyes, you badly want to say hi but you know its never a wise step to do. 

I took so much of my time and energy for this worthless emotion I never want. I badly want to channel to blame to the other side saying that you should never say hi at the first place

I hate myself for being stuck in this kind of phase again. 

I'm letting you go. Building back the walls on my own. Thicker that before. Colder than ever. 

You were never mine to begin with. But why letting go seems so hard for me. 

Because I never liked the Anis who got affected by this petty emotions. There is something even bigger outside there that need to be taken care of. Why I am here again. In this worthless miseries than I can never share with the person who caused this. 

Love, the'ann

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