Shoot for the stars, if you miss you might just hit the moon.

June 05, 2013

Hamekau panjang kemain tittle post. p/s : This morning, azam aku nak tidur awal macam dekat intec. Azam tak dilunaskan. Mungkin azam pergi night club. Lols. Yang tinggal , angan - angan. Heh.

So now the heart pumped fast. Because , the results is just around the corner. Kot. 

Even if the results won't be around at the corner. I am still going to write this. Writing dreams on papers. Sharing thoughts. Well at least its beneficial whenever I am down the lane reminiscing the memories. 

I'm in the journey. To where? To the place I dream to go. I wanted to go to Kings College. SomehMow deep inside my heart I wanted to go to Oxford. Seeing their brochures and videos. To good to be true but what is so wrong shooting for stars aite? That is what my mum includes in her du'as. She had that one kind of expectation and I can never said to her things like " I can't " , sebab her prayers ( moms prayers ) punya kuasa is unexpected. Most of the time. So sesuaikanlah usaha dengan doa orang sekeliling insyaAllah.

I had those fears. On my results. Macam english - its evaluated through assignments and I dont have any ideas on  what the scores will be. Next , Math - I did good in Math but not for statistic. Maybe its because of the first semester's result gimme this kind of pressure. Tapi, I need to build those faith. Percaya. And tawakkal. Phase usaha melalui kuasa doa. :)

I still had those fears even tho I confessed. Grrr. 

Nak jejakkan kaki di bumi Allah yang bermusim empat tu. All these time whenever I wanted to feel those kind of feelings , I'll be standing in front of the refrigerator and breath. Nampak asap asap masa cakap dah excited macam beruk. He he he. I wanted to go to Netherlands. Pergi kampung yang jalan dia ialah sungai sungai. I even googled how to reach there.

Ni kira dream list la kot.

I want those experiences. 

and I choose to be happy.

Moga Allah redha dengan usaha. Moga Allah beri yang terbaik. Moga dapat belajar hikmah dari-Nya.

United Kingdom  Two O One Four. Wait for Anis Najwa Nazari maybe?

ameeeeeeeen :') 

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