Frankly speak.

October 20, 2012

These days I have tried so hard to be someone else. Despite being the boring me. The cliche me. Just to suits myself into the new community. Worth of trying, I shall back off. Saying that : I can be anybody else. Its just to hard to deceive yourself. Fakers.

I don't watch movies that frequent. I don't really applied un-understandable english spoken language. I am taking lots of thing for serious. I read books. Malay novels.  I don't really surrounded by technologies and gadgets stuff.

Comparing myself and the others. I am lame. Boring. I know. I realize.

When would be the moment people would care for me, I mean other than families did, when I did not ask to do so. When would people realize that I was actually not in my mood despite me being the one who starts.

All this while. Kawan masa senang , senang nak jumpa.

Kawan masa susah. Frankly speak. Belum Jumpa. For serious.

Enough said. Forever Alone. People don't really bother. I guess. No its not. It is call : reality.

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