Keep calm and uphold your faith.

October 21, 2012

Even if someone not complying Islam as a whole but they still believe in Allah. Bersyukur untuk kenyataan itu. At least they're trying to comply. At least they still had their faith in Allah.

Rather kalau someone who  gone astray. To be specific, to admit themselves as murtad. 

I've been reading through a facebook group. Despite me seeing the world surrounds me is a world whom believe in their religion, proud to be one and do their responsibility. There are lots of people outside there : lost the light they had inside them. My prayer : May the light that lost doesn't lost permanently. Hidayah milik Allah. Hanya mampu doa. They might change. Who knows. Never judge. 

Because I know I am not that good. Doesn't seems to be capable enough to give advises. But yes I would never stop praying. Allah, mereka pernah bergelar Islam maka apa kiranya kau bukakkan pintu hati mereka semula untuk menerima agamaMu . 

. Kalau dikira dalam berzillion manusia di dunia , kita dilahirkan as Islam. Pernah tak kita terfikir : What if I 

am not born as Muslim? Dalam berjutaan manusia, kita dipilih untuk merasai kemanisan Islam. Bersyukur 

untuk kenyataan itu sebab ramai lagi manusia luar sana yang dahagakan hidayah. 

so which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? Ar-rahman

Islam involve faith and believing. To know how strong you're , it measured by this. Heart. Faith inside the Heart
Keep calm. Uphold Your Faith.

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