Spell this L.O.V.E

October 23, 2012

Okay practically I have nothing to talk about. Naaaa I have something but it seems so hard to be explained through words. Heart owns their own fonts. I guess. Can't really be interpreted, Sanskrit font.

So mind sharing. Owl City. Honey and The Bee. 

Repetition occurs in the head. Spinning around the spinal cord. Hummed by the mouth.

Don't remind me that some days I'm the wind shield.

And other days I'm just a lucky bug.

These cold rails leave old mossy trails through the countryside.

The crow and the bean field are my best friends but boy. I need a hug.

'Cause my heart stops without you, there's something about you
That make me feel alive!

dear un-known-lost-yet-so-close future husband : This one is for you.
" Someday, Somewhere I wanna watch tulips with someone whom I want it to be you"

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