When actually I supposed to study...

October 02, 2012

I am darn aware yang esok aku ada test psycho *lagi* and its tsskk tskkk'ing.  T.T

I know I should stop writing post and do more and more revisions. Pandai sangat letuww " sindir diri sendiri. Okay fine okay fine. Satt satt, let me write here please. Nampak tak perempuan ni tengah gaya cakap seorang diri , berperang dengan another half-angel of myself. hewhew. Abaikan.

I found myself in a tremendous stress and the intensifier shows that I am so so so so depress yesterday. Its because my silly mistakes key-in up bill account for my YES internet usage. How in this world I made sucha boooo careless. Boo diri sendiri sebab terbalik nombor belakang and I shall pay for my unforgiveable silly billy dolly mistake. Sabar jela. I cried so bad. Worried so bad. Call for centre and stuff. Lupa yang sepatutnya aku cari Yang Maha Esa dulu but go for all the humans-telephone-service-recorded-voices so the blaaaa blaaa yang akhirnya tak mampu nak solve kerisauan aku. Then I started to slow down.Menyesali tweet tweet emosi. Question diri sendiri balik, what for you are feeling so so hideous macam ni. There must be hikmah kenapa benda ni berlaku.

Everybody makes mistake. And the important part there is learn from the mistakes. Take into account every carelessness. So later in future, mata cerah sikit buat payment through internet.Make recheck for times masa nak bayar. Jangan lalai macam kodok. Jangan main twitter masa nak buat payment. What some more.  Dan tak semua benda through internet adalah senang. They have tortured me once.in.a.lifetime. Muahah.

Now I feel big relief even sebenarnya tak settle lagi payment matter Naaa just go with the flow . *joget joget pandaaaa*

My mom said that : Ini baru 68 hengget, kalau transaction 68 jutaaaa??? * okay pandang tanah mata berair* and yes my mom still can't understand why I feel damn stress for a small matter that could be solve dalam keadaan tenang aman damai dan sentosa.

So I supposedly sitting on the chair. Hadap buku. Pegang pen *ikat kain kat dahi* and stay there S.T.U.D.Y.

when I know I supposedly...

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