October 25, 2012

If ever you know what I am feeling here. If ever you know and I know, you wouldn't.
Its a big crash I had inside here : And the fact that I'm not gonna let it be more severe : seems to hopeless.

HOPELESS. I am for now.
LESS THE LESS. From now onward. People got to change. Even nanti beluncas akan jadi rama-rama.

snows falling down. Cool me down.

To you : You've freaked me out. I rarely talk to people moreover completely strangers. But when I talk, I do it with purpose bersama niat di hati hendak membantu. But in a way : the way you respond I categorized it as suck , dear. I don't give a damn on you. Kau bajet bagus kan? Dah lama skill Melaka aku tak diasah baik.

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