A set of skillful aunties , the story of the week.

January 24, 2014

Finally , an alumni of Jawatan Perwakilan Kolej Cemara Akasia , after kind of hectic year - its undeniably tired - and additional of hatred - but surely , banyak good sides , things like finally knowing some people from other courses broadening the friend range , since me and my friends were the part of team , we kinda get overly attached because of the JPK's thingy because we meet like everyday , share the same gossips , well sometimes , we even do JPK's works during classes. Ada tu sama course tapi tak pernah bertegur sapa , then you finally become close . From a blogger that you admired , finally become one of your collegue. JPKCA , thanks for countless of mixing emotions. 

So this week , I mean from the very first week , selalu cakap dengan diri sendiri , jangan procrastinate , jangan lepak lama lama dengan Gross Familia ( friends level - dah boleh sarcasm tanpa terasa , not being sensitive because you tend to counter sarcasm  ) haha.   , BUT I FAILED. Sebab things will end up differently , kenkadang tu keluar makan je , for the sake of having dinner but you can't just help yourself by spending another hour sitting at the bench in Akasia and talk about random things , laugh at the sarcasm , and even discussing economics when you're freaking tired for the whole day - and suddenly in between the graphs and theories keluar sylibus anak anak di masa hadapan dan juga pekerjaan suami pada masa akan datang. ( since pharmacist ranked first for the wage rate for fresh graduates in Malaysia - we surely gonna put our eyes on pharmacist to be yaw ! ) haha. 


So whenever we talk , overtimes we tend to talk about random future stuff. You just can't help yourself , I can't. haha. Maybe it's something that ease A-level hectikus days haha.

Like I am not going to send my children to Chua's house because later my babies would be as fierce as chua or even heartless like chua but if I wanted them to be good at cooking masakan Melayu , surely Chua is one of the capable aunty for cooking haha , I am going to send my babies to Ajlaa's house during weekend so they'll enjoy good laughing shows and surely they will enjoy the company of this aunty because their mum would only serve books as entertainments haha. And that happen if Ajlaa is fated to marry her forever forever crush which is * I don't know whether its okay to mention it here * haha. Like Ainaa , she'll be capable turn my children into a good English user and also imitate her cats expression whenever she enters the class . Hew. I won't let my husband to look at her because she have that attractive traits in her so later my husband won't regret by asking me " Why I marry you at the first place , why not ainaa? " Haha definitely that will cause a forever heart breaks. haha. I have another Aina in my circle of friend , since she's a very good girl I can say , I would send my children to her house for usrah and maybe , a training class to be a good MC. And Aliatul's house during weekend so my babies would learn how to play pingpong and amazingly keeping themselves updated with sports news through this aunty. 


skillful aunties. The left one , white scarf - chua. The right one , the green , Ajlaa . The black one is aliatul. The pink is Aina. The purple one is Ainaa with two a. And me yawwws. The right picture was taken yesterday , alumni alumni JPKCA :D


No matter how much we say this . How many times we laugh at the same topics. No one would know how , with whom , where we'll end things up. Mungkin nanti Allah tak bagi anak , mungkin nanti Allah tak bagi jumpa spouse di dunia. Atau mungkin later we'll forget each other existence in life and distance will apart us. Somehow absence can't make the heart grow fonder.  And for the endless questions , would we just end things up when our dreams wasn't like what the reality would hit us later. I hope not. Previously I was scrolling the social net , and I saw a senior of mine . Which I remembered how he behaved during the school days , now already a father and having a noble job which he teach , he educates. So , he fascinates me with his changes , with his future. Which I can say , betullah Allah itu sebaik baik perancang. 

May Allah bless us through. 

Moga nanti dapat gather sampai tua , comparing our children , letting our babies to know these aunties - to see how crazy their mothers was before. Or the fact that we'll reminisce this kind of conversation pun . OH I DID THAT LAST TIME? haha.

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