Backgrounds. Random.

January 17, 2014

I fell in love with my tumblr background and new theme. Oh not to forget my twitter background as well. Random gila benda camni nak update but who cares because its a madness that I had my forever obsessions on flowers. Roses. Tulips. Daisies. And not to forget , wonders and magical touch of the photographers. Allah plan things perfectly. Beautifully. P E R F E C T O !

Despite the hectic days and nights , there's always once in a while - I'll continuously scroll my tumblr , sebab sometimes reblogged photos kinda macam sama je situasi hidup , where I can find short tazkirah , letters from Allah and wonderful pictures with magical words. My obsession towards tumblr can be like triple double dari rasa nak scroll instagram. Tumblr is like an expression of feelings that you met someone that have better words to explain, better pictures to portray. And I guess I am being me inside there. True feelings. 

Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeter too! see flowers. 

 I fall in love with the backgrounds. 

All in all , my desktop background would be the utmost constant inspirations. 

so k dah. 

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