You'll bring sunshine into someone's life.

January 28, 2014

I was helping my friend yesterday to distribute the questionnaires for our English subject for our A-level external examination. Since I was there too , reading through the responses , I can say , there's a lot of people outside there were taking it for granted as if , we're doing it for fun. That totally taught me something , that small things might matters a lot in someone's life - so don't take things for granted - we ease people's life - somehow later He'll ease us through . There were lots of things to be be pondered upon. 

Talking about bringing sunshine into someone's life. 

Maybe in a lifetime , you'll not realize that your small deeds might affect one's life . Like a small act of offering a seat for strangers that need the seat more than we do. It might be happening for only seconds in life - but no one would know , that brighten someone's life up. No matter who you are , you will , at least , bring a sunshine to someone in this world. 

These days I've been constantly faking things up , thinking how bad I can be , that someone might just forget me or making me feel worthless while someone else , appreciate my existence - and the feeling of being worthless are strong enough for not letting me feel happy about me being accepted by a different people in different situation 

Because you are the only person who can decide on whether others can hurt you so be careful in accusing someone else for your broken heart.

I am not accusing anyone for the heartbreaks. Because at the end , its always me , that decide to be happy or not. The moment when I decide to be happy - because some people outside there value the existence of you in this world - you've no reason to be sad anymore.

You treat people like how you want to be treated. 
Don't do shits anymore in people's life. But if they choose to , let them. 
But the rule of living well , is be good. Treat people good. Do your part - be kind be good. 
Apologize if you know you need to . Forgiven or not - you've done your part. 
Make the step which can cure. But if people choose not to make it any better - you've done your part. 
Don't hate because holding grudge and not forgiving  won't make you an inch nobler. 
So don't feel bad if you've done what you supposed to do. 

If things go beyond your capability to solve , let Allah decide. 

Because you've done your part. Because you're just a human. Human breaks. Human fall. But human may fix the pieces. And put themselves back to the situation where they repeat the expected cycles. Hypothesis accepted : Human is complex , even from the beginning of its existence.

When you're good with Him , He'll make things went well for you and the others. Remember Him in every deeds. Days and Night. In every thoughts. 

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