Living life hard way.

January 15, 2014

I was on my way to Mid Valley when the KTM stops at the stations. There's one long stop , couples of minutes at Angkasapuri Station and I saw a man and a woman were raking the leaves. Its chilling hot morning I can say. 

Then I started to wonder , how much they earn in a month. Does it happened that they're the one who badly wanting to do the job or they're left with no choice , but in order to earn money , they repetitively raking the leaves everyday. I remember how much I hate raking the leaves in my house compound , which that can only happen once in a week. You know how frustrating it feels like? You rake the leaves and few seconds after that , the wind blow and there you go , more leaves on the grass. I got pissed off like thousands of times , but come to the senses , kita siapa nak lawan aturan alam? Because the leaves continue to fall. Analogi dia macam kau dah makan hari ni , so esok takyah la makan esok lusa. Leaves are like lapar. Kita lapar bukan sekali. Sama macam daun nak jatuh , bukan sekali. hahaha. apa ini , I don't really make it sounds connected heh? Haha fail. 

Back to the moment I was inside the KTM , here I am sitting on a comfortable seats with air conditioned. That can complains on how suck a food can be , that can simply throw away something that doesn't suits my taste. I have a choice to chill out to Mid Valley when its a public holiday. But there , they worked on public holidays and probably they don't have any single idea on how to waste their money like I do. 

And how many people outside there would actually care , that you're living your life hard way?

Maybe the issue here , they could be immigrants with low educations qualifications . Or a citizen that willing to work under the sun to feed their children , to give their family the best education they can give so that the child would not cycle the life of both his or her parents. Sometimes its about fate. Its about choice. Its about having no choice. But , surely who wants to live their life hard way? If I can choose , I may be wanting a comfortable place in an office , with breaks for breakfast and lunch and get home at 5. Choose to have meals outside once in a week , not even thinking - I can send my babies to best nurseries , get best education , get a good shelter . Maybe I was born in a family that can breathe peacefully - with a house , cars , foods , and good surrounding , getting enough informal educations from my family. So I never taste how it feels like , craving for foods because you barely eat during days and night. 

It touches my heart when I saw a child went to school , her grandfather was paying for the bills using coins. The grandparents must have been working so hard and have little savings to send the grandchild to school. But I can say , Malaysia was blessed with generous people - giving hopes - and give shines in the girl's life. Tapi tu sorang. Seeing the coins , I wonder how many outside there , yang tak dapat belajar. Seeing how teenagers nowadays live their life , taking the study life for granted - don't you know how many people outside there wanted to be at your place now? 

I was watching 49 Days , a korean drama that portray the life of a soul that wanted to live back , so in order to be able to breathe as a human , she need to gather 3 sincere tears so that she need to possess someone's body . That someone had been trying to kill herself for times. And its weird on how this world works. At one side of the world , there were people that trying hard to live , fighting hard for living . And at one side of the earth , someone might just jump from the fifth floor or the third floor because he's pissed by a girlfriend that loves shopping? weird eh. 

Sometimes people need to see things through. See the world from different perspective. 

Maybe now , all I can do to give awareness through my words but later that I know , I would certainly help those who're in need. Because I might don't feel , how it feels like living life hard way but it surely breaks , siapa yang nak susah? 

Be grateful people. With what you have today. Be generous . With what you earn today. 

Don't take your life for granted. Take everything seriously . Because we might don't know but someone outside there badly want to be at your place. 

well maybe its time to give back to the communities? maybe your pocket is empty , your deeds might just ease them through. Maybe you're not able to lend your hands , maybe it'll be enough by creating an upward curves on your faces. Smiles seems hard? It's enough for you to understand. 

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